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are a marketer’s secret weapon

Your signature.
Your move.

Thanks to a 100% automated process, the Letsignit solution makes it possible to deploy personalized email signatures for all employees and responds to all business issues for total control over brand.

Everyday email is one of the most influential communication channels there is. Transform your emails into a powerful asset with Letsignit.

Choose the best plan for you:

Letsignit STARTER

With Letsignit STARTER, all employees benefit
from a free email signature aligned with
the identity and company charter.

Letsignit BUSINESS

Letsignit BUSINESS makes it possible to integrate banners in the email signatures, to differentiate the messages according to the collaborators and the audience (internal or external)
and to schedule their display by date.

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    Simple tool. Huge impact.

    A centralized interface to manage all your employee’s email signatures so that they no longer have to deal with signature-related issues.

    Relax, it’s so easy to use!

    Automatically push email signatures on each new email on Outlook (available for Mac & Windows, no administrator rights needed). Users can preview signatures before sending and also check/modify coordinates.

    Plug & play: In one click, distribute email signatures on Office 365 webmail and on any mobile device.

    Emails are
    gold mines.

    Empower your company & turn
    your email signature into
    a communication asset.

    Promote, plan and track marketing campaigns: with 121 emails received and 40 sent by an average employee everyday, email signatures represent gold mines.


    How does it work?

    A very simple administration interface to take in hand allows:

    • Create / customize email signature templates
    • Insert internal and external communication banners and program them by date
    • Distribute signatures / banners to collaborators imported from a .csv file or a synchronization

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