When you connect your business with IoT, the opportunities are endless

Bring your business together in new and insightful ways with the Internet of Things (IoT)—from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams.

Transform your business with Intcomex IoT

Build things

IoT begins with your stuff. Build your stuff, from sensors to smart devices, to start your IoT solution.

Control your stuff

Implement IoT solutions to control, supervise and manage your stuff in order to capture data in real time.

Analyze the data

Apply advanced analytics to the data that you collect to obtain new business knowledge.

Act according to the information

Transform information into activities through effective applications to create new revenue and business opportunities.

Why choose Intcomex IoT?


Receive access to a comprehensive portfolio of solutions

Find the products, services and solutions you need to make the most out of IoT’s business opportunities in your devices, the cloud, analytic functions, and business systems.


Take the Internet of Things with you in all of your devices and platforms

It offers a flexible and scalable solution that suits your needs and processes. Connect all your devices and Operating Systems of your choice using your existing infrastructure.


Get trusted technical support

Put your trust on decades of experience and safety working with companies like yours. Complement your solution with business technology tailored to the needs of the market, in addition to our extensive network of partners.

How industries are using the Internet of Things

IoT development

Simplify IoT development to build powerful applications—Connect devices to create powerful IoT applications on the flexible Azure IoT platform. Use your preferred language and existing developer SDKs to get started quickly, extract insights, and drive business results.

IoT for manufacturing

Transform your products and the way they’re produced to reduce downtime, save energy, and increase revenue using Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturing solutions.

IoT for smart cities

Create safer, more efficient cities by transforming infrastructures, buildings, and services with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

IoT for transportation

Create smarter, safer, more efficient ways to keep things moving. Transport, track, and monitor your assets while managing your fleet—from across town to around the world

IoT for retail

Enhance the customer experience by using Internet of Things (IoT) retail solutions to connect your business—from storefronts and hospitality establishments to smart products and more.

IoT for healthcare

Transform the care and treatment of patients, equipment maintenance, and the way your hospital operates with the security and innovation of Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare solutions.

Internet of Things resources


Enter your data and know what CEOs need to know to compete in the manufacturing industry.

    The Right Secure Hardware for your IoT Deployment

    Enter your data and know how to protect your Internet from things, we help you make the right decisions to ensure your solution.

      Maximizing the impact of your IoT proof of concept

      Determine how to drive a successful proof of concept to reach your IoT goals.

        Supporting sustainable farming with Azure IoT

        Schneider Electric uses Microsoft IoT to improve irrigation and save valuable freshwater resources.

        Top challenges of IoT projects

        Discover how to use your current assets to successfully deal with the complexities inherent in building IoT solutions before you scale.

        Digital Transformation and Internet of Things

        Hear about the business value of IoT solutions, real-world use cases in different industries, best practices, and how to get started.

        Security and IoT deployments

        Learn how cybercriminals work, strategies for protecting your IoT infrastructure, and why Azure IoT is one of the most secure platforms for it.

        Introduction to Azure IoT Central

        Learn about Azure IoT Central, a fully managed SaaS solution that enables product manufacturers to achieve the benefits of IoT with less complexity, cost, and time.

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