With Microsoft 365 + voice, Improve and complement the core productive features of Microsoft Teams!

The integrated solution of Microsoft 365 with voice will provide your customers a unified communication environment


  • Unified offer of solutions, products and services; destined to simplify and accelerate the implementations of Microsoft teams with voice.
  • Offers End-To-End voice elements, far reaching services and a better implementation experience for Microsoft Teams with voice.
  • Adequate for all forms of unified communications approved by Microsoft, including local, cloud (Cloud PBX/Phone System) and hybrid.

Components of the Solution:

SBC – Media Gateways: flexible and reliable solutions to provide connectivity between Microsoft Teams, Telephone network (PSTN), Trunklink and Legacy local devices.

SBC for direct routing: control of inner edge (SBC, for your acronyms in English) is a powerful tool that provides services like call control, security, interoperability and optimization of voice services. This solution allows prefect connectivity between Microsoft teams, Trunklink and PBX inherited and implemented in the installations of the cloud.

Telephones IP and solutions for waiting rooms: Devices for desks, with many functions that simplify the user’s adoption of Microsoft UC, offers high quality voice support and brings local support for Microsoft Teams.

Management: centralized solutions for administration for tools and quality monitoring, simplifying operations and reducing OPEX.

Office 365 E5 Plan: software solutions that offer a better functionality that improves the productivity that complements the combination of principle functions of Microsoft Teams ( For Office 365 E3 plans it is required to add the telephone system add-on).

Adopt this solution and help your customers to achieve their goals:

Target market Objectives
1. E5 plan clients (allows for connection to the telephone center). 1. Offer voice solutions for clients who use Microsoft Teams.
2. E3 plan clients (necessary complements to integrate telephony). 2. Update clients that use Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams.
3. TELCOS clients. 3. Clients with traditional centers for voice systems that want to update their infrastructure.

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