With the integration tools to the Intcomex cloud business platform -ICP (Intcomex Cloud Platform) – you can automate your processes, achieving an efficiency that will allow you to concentrate on what you like the most: growing your business.


Using the API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate your systems to ICP you will be able to perform many of the tasks that are daily, recurring and require high human participation. These types of tasks, although clearly necessary, can be automated so that the time and resources dedicated to performing them can be used in activities conducive to growing your business, increasing profitability, reducing errors and reprocess and guaranteeing high efficiency.

What processes are we talking about? Basically, almost everything that you can do on our platform can be integrated through our API with your systems. And best of all, we are by your side to guide you, support you and guarantee that this additional advantage that you enjoy as one of our Resellers bears the fruits that will allow us to grow together faster, easier and go further.

Some of the tasks that you could perform from your systems when using our API are:

Consult the updated price list
Streamlining your Customer Service

Provision services and products
More time for business activities and less time on administrative tasks

Access the support portal
Manage licenses, users, etc.

Generate reports
Agility in decision making

Generate billing
Accurately and efficiently


We invite you to open your mind to a new world of possibilities. Walk this path with us, with full assurance that you will be generating value for your company, represented in:







Don’t stay out of this new world.
Intcomex has prepared everything so that your journey is productive, and you quickly obtain the benefits of implementing this integration by taking advantage of our API.

To clarify any doubt, we have a team ready to guide you.

You can contact us directly, through our commercial contacts or product experts:

Rolando Barillas
Project Manager
[email protected]

Or schedule a One-on-One appointment with ICP experts

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