Azure ExpressRoute

Experience a faster,

private connection to Azure

  • Private connections to Azure
  • Increased reliability and speed
  • Lower latency
  • Significant cost benefits possible
  • Connects directly to your WAN

Make your connections fast, reliable, and private

Use Azure ExpressRoute to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment. ExpressRoute connections don’t go over the public Internet, and they offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical Internet connections. In some cases, using ExpressRoute connections to transfer data between on-premises systems and Azure can give you significant cost benefits.

With ExpressRoute, establish connections to Azure at an ExpressRoute location, such as an Exchange provider facility, or directly connect to Azure from your existing WAN network, such as a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) VPN, provided by a network service provider.

Virtual Private Cloud

Makes it excellent for scenarios like periodic data migration.

Extend your datacenter

Add compute and storage capacity to your existing datacenter.

Build hybrid applications

Build applications that span on-premises infrastructure and Azure without compromising privacy or performance.

ExpressRoute connectivity partners

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