You are the sole responsible for your own data

Make security copies of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, and Teams in a single pine of glass effortlessly.

Dropsuite outstands for being easy to use, intuitive, and has excellent prices. It´s simply awesome!

Six reasons why you need Dropsuite backup for your Microsoft 365 and Office 365

Your data is everything. It is paramount to everything you do. We are talking about all the information of your customers, your employees, your finances, your company policies, your future projects… Haz  Shield your business against:

1. Accidental deleting

 When you remove a user, that action is replicated throughout the network together with the erasure of their SharePoint site and data they kept in OneDrive.


4. External security threats

They can be stealthily infiltrated into your networks through infected emails and attached files, and no warning to the staff is ever enough, particularly when these threats come hidden in persuasive messages.

2. Retention Policies voids and confusions

A backup can provide the ability to return to a point in time previous to the issue, and save the day when a problem arises.


5. Legal requirements and compliance

Fines, penalties, and litigations are three things that should never take time from your schedule. Recover emails and files amid a legal process.

3. Internal security threats

Organizations fall victim to risks created by their staff, whether intentionally or by accident.


6. Hybrid mail and migration implementation management

Hybrid mail deployments are widespread, but they imply additional management challenges. Make origin location information irrelevant.

Businesses love Microsoft 365 and Office 365

Although, there is the false perception that it is not necessary to make backup copies of the data generated and stored in cloud environments such as Microsoft 365 and Office 365, other than the ones that come as default. Don’t believe these myths, even Microsoft says it, they are responsible for the infrastructure solutions they create, not for the data. That right, that’s is the biggest reason to protect your data with Dropsuite right there.

Reality check

If you believe that Microsoft makes backups copies for you, it’s time to face reality; they don’t. Microsoft is not a security copy service in the cloud. The data in Office 365 is all yours, so it is the responsibility to keep it secure, full stop.

Fill the voids with Dropsuite

Dropsuite provides uninterrupted backup coverage in the cloud with unlimited storage and retention.

It gives endless benefits to your business.

Intuitive User Experience

  • Automated incremental backup
  • Download, restore, and migrate with one click
  • It doesn’t require hardware/software
  • Access backup copies with any device, from any location
  • Price per user includes unlimited storage

Powerful search

  • Ultra-fast search tool using common expressions
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Reusable saved searches with email alerts
  • No limit on searches or downtime

Flexible management

  • Administrator’s panel
  • Gradual access and control
  • Role-based access, including for end-users
  • Independent platform

Availability and security

  • Data availability and service updates >=99.99%
  • 265 bits on-rest and in-traffic data encryption
  • Datacenters comply with FISMA, ISO 27001, SSAE-16

NFR Program

Dropsuite NFR is a resellers-only benefit that allows them to protect their clients’ email and attached files, contacts, calendars, and tasks in the cloud, automatically, and to restore files swiftly whenever it’s required. Dropsuite NFR supports Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups & Teams), Microsoft Hosted Exchange (HEX), and basically any email server or services out there.

Secure your clients’ infrastructures through Dropsuite’s cloud-based Microsoft 365 backup and recovery

Main characteristics

  • Keeps critical data safe and secure
  • Protects against malware attacks and involuntary data loss
  • Optimizes document discovery for audits, HR inquiries, and legal procedures
  • Reduces data storage costs
  • Essential for regulated industries compliance. Fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Protects decades of organizations’ history

Main benefits

  • Microsoft 365 sales booster
  • Helps you expand your customer base and increase revenue
  • It’s simply effortless
  • Supports Microsoft 365 as well as any other email systems or service
  • Optimizes customer support costs
  • Makes your clients happy, and happy customers are loyal customers
  • Turns you into a backup hero in the eyes of your clients

Thorough solution

  • Office 365 suite backups.
  • Email archiving.
  • Journaling/eDiscovery.
  • Third-party access panel.
  • HIIPAA compatible.

Data insights and analytics

  • Interact with the email data.
  • Relations visualization.
  • Keep track of staff efficiency.
  • Sales as an added value.

Simple, secure, scalable

  • One-click restorations.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Secure cloud servers.
  • Military-grade encryption.

Be aware!

20% of all emails get hacked every year. 60% of SMBs that are the victims of a cyberattack close their doors within the next six months.

Dropsuite’s numbers speak for themselves:

556% growth rate in 2018

2 million security copies each day

136 countries

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