Wise decisions are made of accurate information. That’s what DataBoxy does for businesses:

To provide complete access and control over data in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

DataBoxy reports:
• The status of every project
• How the company departments interact
• The status of every process
• How the procedures are performed

Everything that happens in a business, in
precise numbers, a click away



• Visualización. Control over every piece of information, all the time, from anywhere.

• Timely information. Constant, prompt, accurate updates, so every process or project runs smoothly and on time.

• A click away. All data is quick and easily available through DataBoxy’s Universal Browser, no matter the system, platform, or device.


DataBoxy boosts efficiency


• Classifies unifies and visualizes data using labels, stamps, stickers, or tags.

• Allows to assign tasks to collaborators without having to give them all the contextual information, DataBoxy takes care of that.

• Keeps track of each input, response, action, note to provide a 360-degree overview of every ongoing project.

Machine Learning


• Through AI, DataBoxy learns from its users, becoming capable of classifying documents and assigning attributes to processes.

• DataBoxy’s voice-activated chatbot answers questions, assign tasks, establish authorizations, and gives immediate access to every piece of data.

• DataBoxy’s robot, “Y”, will ask anything that AI is not able of processing, and learn from the experience.




• DataBoxy encrypts all data to protect it from being stolen, tampered, or maliciously copied.

• Data can be store either in DataBoxy’s private cloud, which complies with the highest data security and transmission speed requirements in the industry, or on-premise.

• Each client has exclusive, safe, private data storage space.

DataBoxy makes for smarter business

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