And offer SAP project data at a click!

BWEB is a complete SAP Business One web client that uses HTML5 language and offers the possibility of making a personalized presentation with information about BWEB projects of each registered user.

¿Did you know?

Any SAP Business One consultant can change accessibility to objects and queries, providing a powerful platform to win SAP projects with a large number of users.

Approval management:

It allows you to cover the configuration of the approval of the real SAP set and expose it in BWEB (SAP communication and alerts will go through the logic of the BWEB inbox).


You can display the only required fields per object, such as system fields or any UDF (at the top). The formatted search and customization of SAP is reflected in BWEB without further development sources; The consultant can do everything directly in the tool.

Search engine:

It offers the possibility of searching according to a given criterion, useful function for call centers or sales centers (you can see the details of business partners and documents on a screen.

Main features



It gives the possibility to reuse reports created from SAP B1 or create a new one according to your needs, and then access those reports from any browser or mobile device.



It is designed to dynamically support all SAP Business One modules that are exposed to the SDK.


Deep authorization control:

It provides an easy option to manage deep level authorization for your data and modules.


Calendar and team:

The “Browser Calendar” function provides a complete view of the activities and service calls not only for the user, but also for the activities of his colleagues

Other benefits

• Dynamic management by registered user and user-defined type (UDT)
• Dynamic management of user-defined functions (UDF), can be called from any web browser, desktop computer or smart device.
• Panels per registered person.
• Accessibility control of SAP objects by user.

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