Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications across our global data centers. Integrated tools, DevOps, and a marketplace help you efficiently build anything from simple mobile applications to Internet-oriented solutions.

Azure scenarios


Trust the cloud: security from the ground up and proactive compliance.


Simply operate hybrid infrastructures: local, multi-cloud, edge computing.


On your terms: With open source and support for all languages and frameworks, build how you want and deploy where you want.

Azure Marketing in a Box resources.

In Intcomex Cloud, we guide you so that your customers know the benefits of having the most modern infrastructure in the cloud. To help you get the most out of them, we have developed the following support material:

Pay less with Azure:

Have you compared the costs of running Virtual Machines on different clouds? Here is the comparison.

Transform business with Azure

Find here the technical and organizational benefits for your customers of moving to the Azure cloud.

The power of virtualization

With Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), users can access the Windows-based applications they already use from any modern device or web browser

Azure with SQL

Your customers’ intensive workloads on Intcomex-based Azure instances. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Why Azure is the best Option

Pay less with Azure

The Power of Virtualization

Azure Migration and Modernization

General Security Recommendations

Azure with SQL

Video tutorials on:

Protect contacts, data and infrastructure with Microsoft Securit

Get the most complete and simplified protection you need to innovate and grow with Microsoft. Learn about Microsoft’s security offering, the campaigns we have available , and how you can protect your business with a backup and recovery solution in the cloud.


Never Trust, Always Verify

  • E-mail marketing templates
  • Social media posts
  • Landing in PDF

Innovate with SQL

  • E-mail marketing templates
  • Social media posts

Pay less with Azure

  • E-mail marketing templates
  • Social media posts
  • Brochure
  • Landing in PDF

The power of virtualization

  • PDF Windows Server 2022
  • PDF Video Conference
  • PDF Price Update
  • PDF The power of virtualization with Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop
  • PDF Work securely from anywhere with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
  • PDF Intune and EMS price change


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    Configure and estimate the costs for Azure products

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