Intcomex Cloud puts in your hands the best solution for the health sector

The Health sector has many complexities in its management. Your clients don’t need to add one more, choosing administrative solutions that fall short to meet their needs. Confidently offer them the most complete clinical management solution:


The system developed for hospitals, medical centers, or independent health professionals

Manage the complexity of these businesses with Philaxmed, facilitating the management of a single solution that offers full management and control of the business through modules developed with daily work in mind:

Philaxmed Clinic Agenda Module

Quickly and easily control and view the agenda of the services offered by each business.

Record of medical hours by specialists and / or resources Easy visualization with diversity of views:

  • Simple (daily)
  • Weekly
  • Schedule occupation in each period (%)
  • Advanced (monthly or higher range)
  • Multi-Resources

In addition, it offers you the following functionalities:

  • Bulk input of patients.
  • Full or restricted access to the list of patients
  • Fast and user-friendly agenda settings.
  • Specific settings for types of appointments and quotas
  • Session control
  • Multiple scheduling for patient treatments
  • Internal communication, through notes
  • Track your appointment history
  • Group appointment system for group courses or therapies
  • Emails and SMS with reservation record and appointment reminders
  • Search for the next available space
  • Restriction of schedules according to type of appointment

Philaxmed Electronic Medical Record Module

It allows to generate medical, Kinesiological and Psychological files. It facilitates the complete visualization of the patient’s medical history.

It allows to generate and print documents, parameterized or as free text. It includes:

  • One or more electronic prescriptions per consultation
  • One or more exam requests
  • Medical indications / treatment plan
  • Custom, preset and / or modifiable certificates
  • References and counter-references and inter-consultations
  • Consultation summary that can be printed or shared by email with the patient.

In addition, it offers the following fields:

  • Reasons for consultation
  • Request for medical treatment
  • Initial evaluation
  • Diagnostic hypothesis
  • Physical exam
  • Treatment plan and goals
  • Exam requests
  • Prescription and medical indications
  • Upload additional files
  • Pediatric functionality with preloaded pediatric curves, permanently updated.
  • Wound log functionality
  • Gyneco-obstetrics functionality
  • Confidentiality for Psychiatric Records
  • Display of previous consultations and treatments

Collections Module

The Collections module allows invoices to be issued immediately, to be delivered or shared with the patient. It allows invoices to be reecorded in the system to be used / registered by the accountant or person in charge of accounting management.

It has the following functionalities:

  • Agreements management
    o Bulk input of benefits and prices
    o Voucher payments management
  • Status of sight payments
  • Management of collections and discounts
  • Payment management including various means of payment
  • Event history for each patient’s account
  • Creation and printing of treatment budgets
  • Sales and receipt printing
  • Integration with electronic billers

Online booking system

This module allows the management of online reservations of different types of resources. It also allows to produce and share the link to make reservations from Instagram, Facebook or the client’s website. This functionality facilitates and motivates the use of the time reservation system by patients.

  • It allows customization, including logo and corporate colors of the medical center.
  • Search for specialists by name, specialty, or service.
  • Patient attendance reminders and confirmation email
  • Management of each appointment including confirmation, cancellation, patient data, etc.

Telemedicine Module

The Telemedicine module allows the management of non-face-to-face services, including:

  • Scheduling via online booking
  • Reservation confirmation email and appointment reminder for the patient, including the link for the appointment, in any of the managed applications, according to the patient’s or the center’s preference.
  • Management of payment methods
  • Complete clinical record in Electronic format
  • Issuance and sending of clinical documents via email, with the professional’s digital signature: prescription, exam requests, certificates, etc.

Statistics Module

Obtain reports and statistics based on the information entered in the other Philaxmed modules. The information can be viewed in the mobile or desktop application and is downloadable in different formats.

Statistics and reports are obtained from a friendly web interface, according to date ranges.

You will find the following functionalities:

  • Patient registration: Total registered patients, registrations made online or by administrative staff, registrations according to specialty, etc.
  • Summary of schedules: Totals, according to their source, according to specialty, ranking of queries, etc.
  • Collections statistics: Payments by date range, specialties, benefits, etc.
  • Graphics to facilitate the visualization of information: circular, bars, etc.

Configuration Module

Available for administrative users, it allows general system management and has the possibility of being managed by the Philaxmed support team.

It includes the following functionalities:

  • Management of the client’s business data; address, phone, email, website, etc.
  • Creation of clinical and / or administrative users, password management, digital signatures, etc.
  • Bulk input of patients.
  • Creation of profiles by specialty or position
  • Configuration of personal agendas / resources
  • Manage a list of types / reasons for appointments
  • Color code customization to use on online agenda
  • Management of agreements and benefits (import products and / or services)
  • Internal messaging within the clinical center
  • Management of diagnosis list
  • Application configuration by modules (parameters for each view of the system)
  • Interface lists: per user or global

In addition to the desktop version, users can access Philaxmed through the mobile app, which allows

  • Direct access to view the daily, weekly, and monthly agenda
  • Mobile notifications of reservations, confirmations, cancellations, etc.
  • Customizable notifications
  • Direct access to the list of patients and their personal data
  • Color-coded appointment display that identifies the status.

When your clients handle Philaxmed, you are guaranteeing the growth of their business and yours. Because the clients who use Philaxmed:

  • Generate recurring income because it is a monthly billing service
  • Will develop a long-term relationship because they are working daily with your solution
  • Will develop and grow, complementing the initial services with new solutions.
  • Enjoy quick and easy installation
  • Take advantage of 24/7 personalized technical support offered directly by developers

Offer Philaxmed to your clients, with the different plans according to their size, defined by the number of clinical users. Check the available plans

Change the lives of your clients in the health sector, with the most complete and comprehensive clinical management solution that you now have at your fingertips through the Intcomex Cloud Marketplace

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