Intcomex and Nexetic join forces to offer class-leading backup solution

July 18th, 2020

The agreement gives companies in LATAM and the Caribbean access to Nexetic’s cloud data protection tools

The leading distributor of technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Finnish pioneer on cloud backup solutions reached an agreement to provide optimal data security solutions to businesses throughout the region.

Intcomex, the largest wholesaler of technology products and value-added solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, announced today the agreement they reached with the Finnish company Nexetic to offer their clients the latest in data protection.

“The inclusion of Nexetic in our Cloud portfolio responds to our need to offer solutions so that partners can establish their backup and protection strategy in the era of digital transformation,” said Joseph Bouhadana, Vice President of Cloud Services at Intcomex.

Nexetic creates backups of critical business data on Office 365 automatically, providing instant data recovery and protection against user error and malware. These are all fundamental features for companies of all sizes and sectors to keep their vital information secure at all times.

Contrary to what many believe, Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t offer any native backup other than the short time data is kept in the recycle bin and the version’s history. This presents potential security risks that businesses cannot afford. Companies’ around the world are constantly exposed to information lost or tampering caused by intentional or involuntary mishandling, as well as attacks from cybercriminals; without adequate backups, such an event could be lethal.

Nexetic Office 365 protection solution addresses and solves all those issues by keeping backup of businesses’ data stored in the European Union, in compliance with the EU’s GDPR certification, which ensures the highest standards in information shielding and allows for fast and easy accessibility and recovery. Should the worst-case scenario become a reality, there would be backup for every bit of information, making it easy to restore; thus, business continuity will be assured.

For Nexetic, a company that has MSPs (managed service providers) as the core of its business, having Intcomex as a strategic partner in the region opens the opportunity to reach the more than 50 thousand customers the wholesaler serves in 41 countries of the region. As a result, the agreement will grant MSPs in this part of the world the possibility of offering these cutting-edge protection solutions to their customers.

“We have realized that, in the case of strategic partnerships, it is important that the parties share the same mindset and have a common level of ambition. Nexetic could not be more satisfied with Intcomex’s professional maturity, their desire to provide better services to the end-customer, and their strong presence in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Toni Luhti, chairman of the Nexetic Oy Board of Directors. “We really hope to deliver a lot of business value directly to end-customers with this collaboration,” he concluded.

About Nexetic

Nexetic is a pioneer in cloud backup services. From its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, the company offers security solutions for valuable business data on computers, servers, and the cloud to over 4,000 companies around the world.

With MSPs as the core of their channel sales, Nexetic has a reseller network of more than 300 partners in all major markets.
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About Intcomex

Intcomex is the leading wholesaler of high-tech products and value-added solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company offers its more than 50 thousand customers in 41 countries in the region a wide range of products, from hardware, components, and peripheral items to mobile telephones, software, accessories, network supplies, surveillance equipment, consumer electronic devices, and cloud solutions.

Intcomex also provides an extensive list of services such as sales channel and sale force training, technical and warranty support, or financial and inventory management services. Intcomex has a regional network of more than 15 subsidiaries throughout the continent and two distribution centers. The company’s headquarters are in Miami, Florida.

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