Nexetic Shield Back Up
Every organization’s data needs backup


of companies have
experienced data
loss in the cloud.

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Whether it’s stored on a computer, a server, or in the cloud, Nexetic keeps data backed up and protected.
Nexetic is a fully automated, cost-effective, secure, reliable, and fast data backup solution.


Why does DATA need protection?

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No native backups

Office 365 and G Suite do not offer native backups beyond the short time data remains in the recycle bin and the version’s history.

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User errors

About 60% of data loss in the cloud is due to user error.

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Data hijacking

Through a ransomware attack, cybercriminals can sequester an organization’s entire data and render it inaccessible. File sync programs make this scenario even worse.

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GDPR – Secure storage

Information is backed up and stored in the European Union Data restoration occurs in a quick, reliable fashion.

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Service interruption

In cases where cloud platform providers experience technical problems, it is possible to log in from the Nexetic portal and quickly access all the data.

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Email archiving

Data deletion, whether accidental or malicious, is a common problem. Besides, you never know when you’ll need to retrieve an old email for a legal procedure.

NEXETIC Shield Backup from Intcomex Cloud

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Nexetic Shield Backup
Office 365

Exchange back up
OneDrive back up
SharePoint back up
Restore portal
100% automated backups

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Nexetic Shield Backup
Computers Mac/Windows

Computer back up
Backups updated every 15 minutes
Easy implementation
Swift, easy file recovery
Restore portal
100% automated backups

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Nexetic Shield Backup
G Suite

GMail back up
Google Drive back up
Team Drives back up
Restore portal
100% automated backups

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Extra storage for Office 365

Additional storage space
Licenses from 50GB up to 1TB
For customer with valid Nexetic Shield Backup Office 365 subscriptions

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Extra storage for G Suite

Additional storage space
Licenses from 50GB up to 1TB For customer with valid Nexetic Shield Backup G Suite subscriptions


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One-click set up
Easy to start.
No need for software installation. With just one click, you can implement backups for all users’ data.

Access and restoration
You can restore the data to a local computer or go back to a cloud environment. You can also access and restore previous versions, as well as deleted emails and files.

Automated backups
Data protection 24/7.
Automated backups mean data is always protected, everywhere. Backups happen automatically twice a day.

Centralized control
Hassle-free maintenance.
You can view all computers in your organization from the Shield Portal. For example, you can monitor backups and add new users.

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