Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) came to eliminate all the previous limitations to desktop virtualization, turning it into a no-productivity-compromise experience, much safer and as satisfactory to the user as physical desktops, if not more.

With WVD now fully integrated into the Nerdio for Azure automation product, SMBs can:


Get started in about 60 seconds

Deploy it in just a few hours

Manage every detail with three clicks or less

WVD Innovations

Multi-session Operative System
The new version of Windows 10 supports multisession connections, making possible to have multiple users working at the same Azure virtual machine; this reduces the cost per user and the organizations’ resource requirements.
Profile Management
WVD technology encapsulates each user’s unique settings (shortcuts, printers, services, preferences, backgrounds…) into a profile which is store separately from the virtual machine, so each user can switch from one virtual machine to the next without losing their customization preferences, including the use on OneDrive and Outlook index searching.
Management Services
Being a Platform as a Service (PaaS), hosted and managed by Microsoft directly, WVD allows MSPs to worry less about managing the connection broker that determines where users end up when they try to connect.
Simplified Licensing
With WVD, licensing is much simpler; all you require is a subscription to Microsoft 365 or any Windows 10 Enterprise plan. WVD is a no-extra-cost item since it’s included.
Additional Innovations
WVD also includes increased security via multifactor, conditional access to desktops, as well as reverse connect agent, which eliminates the need to open firewall ports to allow inbound connectivity.

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