Solutions Partner Program
Microsoft AI
Cloud Partner Program

Join the forefront of innovation with the Microsoft AI Cloud Solutions Partner Program!

This exclusive program invites you to a world of unlimited opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence and the power of the cloud. Discover how you can empower your business, access advanced tools, and collaborate with a global network of experts while driving the future of technology with the  Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.

What are the benefits of being a solutions partner in the MCAPP program?

Collaboration with Microsoft offers economic benefits and profitability by accessing advanced technology, reducing costs, and obtaining financing through COOPS programs, which drives business growth and sustainability.

Ensure additional funds for your production and testing scenarios, guaranteeing adequate resources for both stages of development. Optimize your processes and maximize quality with the proper allocation of resources.

Obtaining a designation gives you privileged access to Microsoft licensing, crucial for software consumption in your company. Seize this opportunity to optimize your operations and enhance the performance of your systems with reliable and updated tools.

Obtaining a designation enables you to compete in government tenders, opening up business opportunities. Get your certification online through the Microsoft Partner Center that accredits you as an official Partner.

Upon obtaining a designation, you will access benefits that include specialized workshops, marketing tools and co-investment, cutting-edge technical resources, and comprehensive commercial support.

How can I become a solutions partner of MACPP?

To acquire a designation, you must have a minimum of 70 points out of a maximum threshold of 100 points. This will be divided into the following verticals:


This category measures the net increase in new customers, a key factor for growth and user base expansion.


This category verifies and demonstrates your dedication to skill and the attainment of intermediate and advanced certifications.

Customer success:

This category is measured by the growth in usage and the number of solution implementations, marking the progress and adoption by our clients.


You must have at least 1 point for each vertical mentioned in the solutions partner requirements.

You must be enrolled in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.

You must be enrolled in the Cloud Solution Provider program (Microsoft Partner Agreement – MPA).

How many solutions partner designations are there?

Solutions partner
for infrastructure
Solutions partner
for data and
artificial intelligence (Azure)
Solutions partner for
digital and
app innovation (Azure)
Solutions partner
for security
Solutions partner
for modern workplace
Solutions partner for
business applications
**Solutions partner
for Microsoft Cloud.

**Partners who obtain all six solutions partner designations receive a Microsoft Cloud badge, recognizing their capabilities in the Microsoft cloud.

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