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Let’s first understand the basics:
The cloud is the new normal.

Cloud-based solutions are a fundamental part of the infrastructure for over 90% of modern businesses across various industries. This shift was catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread trend toward digital transformation that began in the mid-2010s.

It refers to the process of moving digital assets and services from on-premises servers to cloud-based infrastructure.

Understanding the importance of migrating and planning for the 2023 end-of-support deadlines

End of support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2: Several reasons are driving customers towards the cloud, including the end of software and hardware support, the outgrowing of existing data center capabilities, the need to integrate acquired businesses, and the potential for innovation with modern applications. This leads us to a significant upcoming event that you might be facing—the end of support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, scheduled for October 10, 2023.

3 essential reasons to migrate applications to Azure

Use cloud innovation to eliminate technical debt

Use Azure IaaS for top-notch networking, storage, and compute performance. Modernize your applications to Azure PaaS services like Azure App Service and Azure SQL to avoid patching and updating.

Achieve significant cost savings compared to on-premises installations.

Achieve significant cost savings compared to on-premises installations.

Enhance security and regulatory compliance

Native and unified cloud security in Microsoft Defender for the Cloud. Over 100 compliance certifications, more than any other provider.

Welcome to a new era:

strategic advantages

Businesses only pay for what they use

Organizations only pay for the cloud resources they use, meaning they don’t need to pay for and maintain IT resources they might only use occasionally.

Help businesses innovate faster

With its wide range of advanced services and tools (automation, DevOps, and PaaS services), it enables leveraging technologies without having to build them from scratch.

Improve collaboration

Allows MSPs to help their clients improve collaboration, as the cloud enables remote workers to access the same resources and collaborate on projects in real-time.


Cloud-based infrastructure can easily expand or contract to meet changing customer demands.

Services covered by Intcomex Cloud

Lift and Shift Migration

of Virtual Machines

Setting up a Domain Controller in Azure

from on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL

Web hosting deployment

Server Backup on Microsoft Azure

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