With Marketing Planner DS – the easy and agile solution developed in the cloud to manage marketing planning

*Only valid in Latam

Marketing teams face the need to achieve the objectives of communication and persuasion to customers while presenting their work and results to the company’s different departments, with whom they interact during the creative process.

With Marketing Planner DS, Intcomex Cloud offers you an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that will allow your clients to plan campaigns, assign tasks, define priorities, and manage the budget.

Give your clients the possibility to manage campaigns, from any device, to:

tasks execution

allocated resources


Control the planned
and executed budget

assigned tasks

Your clients will enjoy these functionalities without using complex applications. In addition, a friendly and straightforward interface allows the team to work focused and synchronized, minimizing employee wear and waste of resources, ensuring efficient management.

to use

Access from

Adjustable to
teams of any size


Easy to use




With Marketing Planner DS your clients will always be aware of the progress of their Marketing team, guaranteeing high productivity, enjoying:

Comfortable working environment
Personalization and distinction of campaigns with colors
Access from everywhere
Ease of use
Conflict-free performance control
Budget and execution visibility
Alert of assigned and past-due tasks
Notification of expired tasks
Dashboard with a clear view of campaigns and tasks
Individual or team task’s view
Access control by campaigns or tasks
User-assignable display and execution profiles
No additional tasks to perform related to inputting information to the solution

Request proof of concept now, in which you will receive a 30-day NFR version for a user and learn about the functions that Marketing Planner DS offers for your clients.

By provisioning Marketing Planner DS in the Intcomex Cloud Marketplace, your customers will be able to:

Create campaigns, tasks, and assign managers – Unlimited
Budget record and actual execution
Progress monitoring
2 hours of setup support
2 hours of training

Take advantage of this opportunity to deliver to your clients a powerful, simple, and agile marketing planning tool that will facilitate their day-to-day management.

It is extremely easy to show them the advantages of this solution to continue strengthening your relationship with your customers.

With Marketing Planner DS and Intcomex Cloud, help them ease up their marketing team project management.

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