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Follow the Cloud learning path and train your team
to acquire new customer.

Learn commercial and technical best practice and
become a cloud certified expert.

Azure basic

Discover the advantages of Cloud computing with Azure and get to know a variety of available services that can save your customers a lot of time and money.

Microsoft 365 Basic

Support your customers’ the digital transformation with Microsoft 365, a solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. This way, your customers’ working teams will be more creative and will work safely together.

Dynamics 365 Basic

Learn about cloud concepts, Power Platform, and how to get started with
Dynamics 365 apps.

Technical learning paths

Get certified to increase your knowledge and to show your technical capability areas.


Microsoft Azure Manager


Microsoft 365 Security Manager

Are you interested in more certifications?
Get to know all the Microsoft learning paths

Remember that getting Microsoft certifications, not only improves
your sales process, it helps you win incentives!