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Ensure the success of your clients, with world-class protection, no matter their size.
Don’t settle for less.


*NOTE: Kaspersky B2B available only in Central America. /  (full portfolio) Caribe. / (subscription only) Ecuador, Colombia and Perú. / Not available for Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile.

Continuous protection for your clients’ business
Simple and easy to use
Intcomex Cloud introduces Kaspersky’s cyber protection solution for small business. Combine simplicity of management with the highest level of protection so your clients can keep their business safe while their employees do their jobs:

Advanced ransomware protection and malicious action rollback to prevent accidental click from blocking computers.

Encryption and file backup to protect your clients’ intellectual property and trade secrets. Secure payment so your clients can pay bills and taxes online with confidence.

Protecting Android devices so employees can work safely from their personal smartphones and tablets.

Integrated vulnerability scanning to ensure that the enterprise applications they use are protected from intrusion.

Offer your clients easy-to-use protection for their entire business. They will be able to enjoy maximum security throughout the company with minimal effort, in an easy-to-use package, with no prior experience required.

A comfortable web portal

Kaspersky Small Office Security has the dedicated portal Use it to:

  • Check the status of a license
  • Check Expiration Date
  • Query protected devices
  • Request Support

Protects Windows File Servers

  • System Watcher detects and blocks malicious activity and allows its reversal
  • Protection against ransomware and crypto lockers
  • Software updater that displays the available updates

Safe work on mobile devices

  • Uninterrupted protection for remote work, even on employee devices
  • Protects Android tablets and smartphones
  • Lock, erase, and find lost devices

Internet, email and privacy protected

  • Block malicious sites to protect your clients’ network and data
  • Blocks suspicious downloads, filters Phishing emails and malicious attachments
  • Search for and remove unwanted browser extensions
  • “Do not trace” feature protects privacy

A Securely store and transfer of important files

  • Securely store and transfer of important files
  • Protect sensitive data from leaks, fines, and lost revenue with encryption and backup technologies
  • Provide an additional layer of security with the data vault
  • Use password-protected storage

Checkable Trusted Security!

During 2019, Kaspersky participated in 86 independent tests, obtaining:

  • 64 first places
  • 81% top-3

With Intcomex Cloud and Kaspersky, you can take your small business clients to enjoy the protection they’ve always dreamed of. Learn more about Kaspersky Small Office Security by downloading the product sheet.

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