What is Intcomex Cloud Platform?

It’s the business center for cloud services that Intcomex has arranged so that its business partners find the broadest portfolio of products and services, supported by simple sales, implementation and billing visibility processes which are fully automated, and most importantly, without requiring an initial investment to access it.

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Enjoy the benefits of our
Intcomex Cloud Platform

You can have access to a strategic portfolio of products and services in the cloud, which enables you to create your own offerings and to design value solutions that differentiate from your competitors and help you become the strategic ally of your customers.


Increase your sales and solutions without worrying about additional infrastructure.


Single and centralized management and delivery of all your services.


Integrated platform with the most outstanding Cloud brands in the market.


You have access to the most outstanding product and services solutions in the cloud.

The main tools available in our
Intcomex Cloud Platform are:

Intcomex will select and classify the cloud services and the solutions to meet your specific market needs. We will give you the appropriate solutions portfolio for SaaS, IaaS, and professional services, among others.

Instant provisioning

Create, manage and administer customers, users and services without having to worry about complex configurations.

White Label Portal

Create and control your own online offering. You can create your own offers to potential or existing customers and even integrate them and give them access to your white label portal.

Manage Subscriptions

You can add and manage your services, setting the parameters of where and how to implement them.

Billing Tool

Make your billing easily, efficiently and automatically. Adding billing information is very simple and can be accessed online with billing information at any time.

Reporting tool

Access reports that best suit your purpose and that are presented in an intuitive manner in the most popular and specialized formats by product.

Support Tool

It has the support center, ranging from the use of the platform to the information to help market, sell and deploy cloud services.