Cloud Platform

Operations center for your business in the cloud.

Intcomex Cloud Platform

Intcomex Cloud Platform is the digital platform that Intcomex has designed especially for you, where you find the broadest portfolio of products and services with automated sales, implementation and billing visibility processes that will simplify your work.

Increase your sales and solutions, without worrying about additional infrastructure.
Single and centralized management of all your services and their delivery.
Platform integrated with the most outstanding Cloud brands on the market.
You have access to the most outstanding solutions for cloud products and services.



Integration tools

Open yourself to a new world of opportunities
With the integration tools to the Intcomex cloud business platform –ICP (Intcomex Cloud Platform) you can automate your processes, achieving efficiency that will allow you to focus on what you like most: watching your business grow.

Using the API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate your systems with ICP, you will be able to perform many of the tasks that are daily, recurring and require high human participation. These types of tasks, although they are clearly necessary, can be automated so that the time and resources dedicated to them can be used in activities conducive to growing your business, increasing profitability, reducing errors and reprocesses and guaranteeing high efficiency.

Check the updated price list
Streamlining your customer service
Provide services and products
More time for commercial activities and less time on administrative tasks
Access the support portal
Manage licenses, users, etc.
Generate reports
Streamline your decision making
Generate billing
With accuracy and efficiency


Your brand

Your own plataform
Have you dreamed of having your own platform to manage products and services for both you and your clients?

You can customize the platform so that it has your corporate image and displays your brand. It will look like your own platform. With ICP, both you and your customers will be able to manage all your product and service needs, with a single click.

With the Marketplace Branding service, you will customize ICP to look like your platform, so you will have:
• Own domain to access personalized ICP.
If you want and have the ability to use a subdomain and configure it as we will indicate.
If you prefer Intcomex to provide and configure it for you.
  • Your custom page title
  • Your logo instead of the Intcomex logo on the platform
  • Favicon if you want to use it
  • Color scheme of your corporate identity
  • Access to the services you prefer
  • Possibility of giving your clients access to the services you prefer


Quotation Tool

Create and manage your quotes
The new tool on the Intcomex Cloud platform so you can create and manage your quotes more easily and efficiently.
When entering a SKU from Microsoft’s Open model, ICP Quotation Tool presents you with the equivalent options in the CSP model to make the transition easier and help you find the solution that best suits the needs of each of your clients.

Attach documents to your quote and meet specific requirements of your clients.
Give better follow-up to each quote.
ICP Quotation Tool can also act with a repository of each client’s documents and the business you have done with them.
Better manage the quotes you present to your clients and their evolution.
Very soon you will be able to automatically schedule provisioning of solutions.
Find for yourself the prices of any of our solutions directly, quickly and accurately.
Generate your quotes in Excel or PDF formats, with your company logo and other pertinent information



Multiple possible reports and consumption alerts

Access reports that best fit your purpose and that are presented in an intuitive way, in the most well-known and specialized formats depending on the product.


Know the details of the services consumed by your clients


Track upcoming annual licenses


Maintain control over your platform with alerts about annual renewals, subscriptions, adding users or services and much more


Descriptions and details of consumption. Both at a managerial level with power BI and at an operational level with excel, you will always know what your clients consume


Know the reasons why subscriptions are deactivated, who does it and when it happens



Invoice in an easy, efficient and automated way.
Invoice in an easy, efficient and automated way. Adding billing information is very simple and billing information can be accessed online at any time.

Invoicing month due
Invoice in USD or local currency
Proration by days
Automate billing cycles


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