Guide them through their digital transformation by migrating their SQL workloads to the Azure cloud


Organizations are constantly changing. As they grow and evolve, they generate a wealth of information where they have an incredible amount of value for their businesses. Intcomex Cloud gives you the opportunity to guide your customers to find that potential value in the information they handle as the first step towards their digital transformation.

Those data that they are currently handling with their “on-premises” databases and that keep unimaginable amounts of information for their businesses, can reveal the full potential of the company if it decides to migrate its data to the cloud, allowing greater use of information, which becomes the staple of innovation. For your customers to transform their relationship with the information contained in their databases is a safe path towards increasing their operational margins and modernizing their operation, generating significant savings and increasing innovation.

When your customers migrate their SQL workloads to Azure they get:


ROI Optimization
Azure is the most cost-efficient cloud. Azure SQL Data Managed Instances have the best ROI for SQL in the cloud with an expected ROI of 212% and 6-month payback time.


Security and Compliance
Azure helps keep your customers’ data safe. Included security features such as firewall, VNET (virtual network), and Azure Active Directory integration extend your network security to the cloud


Scalable Modernization
Add cloud innovation at your own pace. Azure Active Directory and other Azure services can work with your on-premises applications, network, and security.


Unmatched innovation
Eliminate administrative tasks by freeing up your customers’ time to innovate with Azure SQL Database, the fully managed database service that doesn’t need to be updated or patched.

Customers who are migrating to Azure from
SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 earn savings and security:

  • Reduce database management with Azure SQL Data Managed Instances.
  • Peace of mind for your customers by offering them 3 years of free extended security updates for SQL VMs in Azure.

Are your customers ready for innovation?

EOS for SQL Server 2008 has already started. Therefore, it is necessary to make the following changes:


Move APP/VMs “as is” with 3 years of free extended Windows Server/SQL support on Azure IaaS, with no required code change.


Move SQL DBs to Azure SQL Managed Instances without code changes, no version update, with security handling and high availability.


Upgrade to a new version of Windows Server and SQL Server, and migrate VMs to Azure. Take advantage of innovation in the cloud. Customers using SQL Server 2008 and 2008 RD versions on Azure VMs will get free extended security updates.


Do not compromise the security of your customers’ data.
Avoid auditing and compliance issues and help them keep up with competitors’ innovation. Reveal the potential of your customers’ data and take advantage of offering Azure, the cloud that knows the SQL server best, with the unmatched support of Intcomex Cloud during this process.

Azure SQL Managed Databases


Azure SQL Virtual Machine

Best choice for fast changes and/or workloads requiring OS level access


Azure SQL Managed Instances

The best option for modernizing existing applications


Azure SQL Databases

The best choice for building new applications in the cloud



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