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CSP Indirect Reseller Incentive


This guide summarizes the requirements to be eligible for the FY20 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Indirect Reseller Incentive.

Need to know

  • Local accelerators potentially available (per country choice)
  • Global accelerators available
  • Rebate payment cadence updated monthly
  • Core rate adjustments for H2
  • CSP subscription software licenses now available on the Partner Center

As CSP Indirect reseller earn up to:


Effective through Sep. 30th, 2021


1. Authorized CSP reseller with active MPN membership.

2.These incentives are available to MPN partners with silver or gold memberships to any of the following eligible competencies:
• Cloud Business Applications Cloud Platform
• Cloud Productivity
• Data Analytics
• Data Platform
• Enterprise Mobility Management
• Enterprise Resource Planning Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Windows and Devices

3. Receive an invitation to be part of the program.

4. Complete banking and tax profiles in Partner Center.

Competency requirements

CSP Indirect Resellers must attain one of several named MPN competencies at the Silver or Gold level. Competency assessment will occur at the V-org level.

Competency status must be Active Earned, Active Pre-Approved, Active Non-Compliant or Active Inherited. Review the specific requirements to attain Silver or Gold level MPN competency here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership/competencies



Cloud Business Applications

Silver or Gold

Cloud Customer Relationship Management*

Silver or Gold

Cloud Platform

Silver or Gold

Cloud Productivity

Silver or Gold

Data Analytics

Silver or Gold

Data Platform

Silver or Gold

Enterprise Mobility Management

Silver or Gold

Enterprise Resource Planning

Silver or Gold


Silver or Gold

Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions*

Silver or Gold

Windows and Devices

Silver or Gold

*Competency retired. Partners will remain eligible under these competencies until their competency anniversary date.