ICP Quotation Tool
The new tool on ICP for you to create
and manage your quotations more easily and efficiently.

By entering a Microsoft Open model SKU, ICP Quotation Tool presents you with the equivalent options in the CSP model to make the transition easier for you, and make it easier for you to find the solution that best suits the needs of each of your customers.

Attach documents to your quotations, this will allow you to meet specific customers` requirements and better follow up on each quote. With this new feature, ICP Quotation Tool can also act with a repository of each client’s documents and the business you have done with them.

Make a better management of the quotations you present to your customers and their evolution. Keeping a clear and orderly record of your quotations will allow you to better track each of them, as well as evaluate the performance of your sales force.

Find the price for any of our solutions directly, quickly and accurately. ICP Quotation Tool will give the price that you pay as a reseller and will calculate for you the sale price to the end customer.

Generate your quotations in Excel or PDF formats, with your company logo and other relevant information, and send them to your customers directly from the platform.

Coming soon, ICP Quotation Tool will allow you to automatically schedule provisioning of solutions to take effect when you and your customers need them.

How to use the ICP Quotation Tool?

Enter the ICP portal. Once there select Quotation Tool from the top menu

Choose the “New Quote” option

Complete the form that will appear. Use the Add Services button at the bottom right to select the services you want to view

Once the services are selected, it indicates the number of licenses and the recurrence of the service. Once this is done, click on the “Save Service” button

At this point, you can generate your quote by pressing the “Create Quote” button

Choose between XLSX or PDF formats. If you need to make any changes to the quotation, choose “Modify Quote”

For more detailed guide on using the ICP Quotation Tool, check the PRESENTATION

In it, we explain step by step the use of this tool.

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