Intcomex Cloud makes it easier to deliver efficiency, productivity, and connectivity to your clients by offering them free migration to Microsoft 365. Move them to the Microsoft cloud from their on-premises scenarios or other clouds. With Microsoft 365, they will boost their productivity, security, and connectivity through:

Advanced security features

Intelligent process automation

Continuous updates

Higher return on investment

Powerful business search

Efficient communication platforms

Enhanced mobile access for productivity anywhere, anytime

Capabilities that support innovation

Internal and external collaboration

Employee experience and commitment

What can you expect during your client’s free migration process?

Intcomex Cloud does it for you, giving your client a clear overview of the process and reaching the desired goal quickly and smoothly.

We are with you and your client to guarantee an agile and successful process, from gathering information to implementing it in your client’s teams.

Terms, conditions, and scope of migration services:

  • Valid for new customers who come from on-premises scenarios or other clouds
  • Valid until June 30, 2022
  • Applies to all territories

Take full advantage of this opportunity to develop the potential of your customers and take them to the next level of productivity, security, and connectivity with Microsoft 365.

Intcomex Cloud supports you with free migration to boost your business growth.

For more information about the free migration to Microsoft 365, contact us at [email protected] or let us contact you::

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