FLY is one of the fastest tools on the market to consolidate and migrate your customers into Microsoft 365. Take the files and leave the complexity behind.

The Elevation of Microsoft 365 Migration!

Thinking about Migration as a complicated and difficult process? That is in the past!

Intcomex Cloud provides you with the ideal product for your customers to migrate to Microsoft 365. With AvePoint FLY migration is quick and easy process.

Migrate at top speeds using built-in Microsoft best practices. With FLY you can move content from on-premises (SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Exchange, Exchange Public Folder, PST files, and File shares) or the cloud (Google Drive, Gmail, IMAP/ POP3 mailboxes, Slack, Box, DropBox or other Teams or Microsoft 365 instances) into Microsoft 365 with drag-and-drop ease.

Take only what they need. Migration Policies can filter content based on properties or metadata and selectively include or exclude granular objects (webparts, navigation, Apps, views, permissions, and even content!) so you can take what’s relevant and leave the rest behind.

Our easy, breezy user experience guarantees you’ll look like a pro!

Migrations can be complex. Your customers want to invest in Microsoft 365, but don’t have the in-house expertise to run an effective migration project. We’ll provide the tools and technology solutions to simplify the process, accelerate their move to Microsoft 365 and lock down data.

  • Unlimited options
    Flexible licensing to migrate unlimited tenants with a yearly license, or unlimited content with a per-user license.
  • Keep it together
    Keep all permissions and metadata together throughout the move, or be selective and absorb the new security structures on the other side.
  • Move quickly
    Meet and exceed their aggressive migration timelines with multi-threading or High-Speed Migration APIs.
  • Remain in sync
    Keep source and destination in sync with scheduling, and full or incremental migration options until it’s rolled out to users.
  • Make a decision
    Migrate in bulk or select individual containers to migrate. Use filtering to get even more specific.
  • Transform your data
    Comprehensive mapping ensures data from unlike systems are properly reflected and retained.

1, 2, 3… let’s migrate to Microsoft 365!

Migrating to Microsoft 365 with AvePoint FLY is easier with the Intcomex Cloud solution. What your clients might find an intricate and obstacle-filled path will now become an easy and reliable route. We’ll provide you with technology tools and solutions to simplify the process, speed up your move to Office 365, and secure your data. In addition, they will have a dedicated portal for MSPs to manage services, support tickets, and free trials.

Resolve Your Customers’ Migration Situation in Three Easy Steps:


Know what’s relevant and important, or just collecting dust before their move. Understand your customers’ existing information architecture to avoid potential risks or pitfalls, to improve migration project planning.


Move entire drives, mail, instances, site collections, or individual lists and libraries to achieve a desired end goal with drag-and-drop ease. Then map, filter, and schedule the move, or just migrate in real time.


Track migration status and progress on the dashboard, validate their migration progress, generate reports that highlight actions taken, and always be in the know with automated updates sent directly to stakeholders.

Thinking about implementing AvePoint FLY?

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