November 30, 2020

Intcomex and CBS – Cloud Business Solutions – partner to bring the suite of modular solutions CBS ERP to the market of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Miami, Novembrer 30 2020. In order to support the growth and development of its clients in the region, Intcomex, the leading wholesale distributor of cloud products and services in Latin America and the Caribbean, has partnered with CBS – Cloud Business Solutions, a Software developer focused in Business Solutions, based in Costa Rica, with the aim of accompanying and supporting its clients in their digital transformation process.

The alliance between these two companies will allow organizations from various economic sectors to use the CBS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution, so that by addressing the control areas in a progressive and modular way, they can manage their business easily and with centralized information to facilitate and streamline the decision-making process.

The CBS ERP solution, in addition to having the support of Intcomex and CBS, performs with all the benefits of a cloud application, with zero obsolescence, permanent online updating and scalability, among other features. Additionally, the CBS ERP solution is, unlike other ERP solutions available in the market, adjustable, modular, competitively priced and with the unmatched support that both CBS and Intcomex offer to their clients.

“Our company is 100% multidisciplinary. We have a very competitive team at the accounting level, at the IT level and at the Process level, which guarantees us to achieve a very good implementation. That is the key difference that allows our solution to be tailored to the specific needs of our clients, based on our extensive knowledge of their businesses and our detailed, thorough and careful implementation process”, commented Lic. Steven Montoya H, General Manager of Cloud Business Solutions.

For his part, Joseph Bouhadana, vice president of Intcomex Cloud Services, highlighted the immense benefit that the use of this solution will provide to the customers, optimizing the management of their businesses and streamlining the decision-making processes. He affirmed about this new alliance: ” For Intcomex it is a real pleasure to be able to offer, through our extensive network of Value-Added Resellers, a solution as robust as the one CBS currently offers with its ERP “. He further added: “In this way, companies of different sizes and market segments will be able to start or strengthen their digital transformation with this cloud-native solution, which perfectly fits our solid portfolio of solutions.”

The CBS ERP suite of modular solutions allows organizations to serve and enhance the core of the business, staying updated and with relevant information that is always available, guaranteeing business continuity while optimizing resources and investment.
It offers plans designed to meet the specific needs of the client, implementing either the complete solution or only the modules that the client requires, to complement their existing systems or to strengthen the processes that require it.

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About Intcomex
Intcomex is the leading wholesale distributor of cloud products and services in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company is present in 15 countries, serving more than 40 territories and more than 50,000 clients. Intcomex has a wide catalog of cloud solutions such as collaboration, productivity, infrastructure, mobility and security, as well as administrative and value-added services.

Intcomex offers a comprehensive service that includes training for the channel and sales staff, technical service, warranty endorsements, and local inventory and financial services. The company’s headquarters are located in Miami, Florida.

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About CBS
Cloud Business Solutions -CBS- is a software development company that is dedicated to providing administrative, operational and financial solutions in the cloud. CBS is focused on business solutions for different industries, allowing organizations to advance towards digital transformation. CBS serves companies in the financial, logistics, retail and services sectors, among others.

Cloud Business Solutions has been serving the market since October 2017, to meet the new trends in market solutions, but has experience in ERP solutions since 2002, marketing ERP products under the name Grupo Modular de Desarrollo. The company’s headquarters are located in San José, Costa Rica.

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