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Cybersecurity should start right where cybercriminals want to act. Are your clients ready?

According to research by Osterman Research, the typical email user in an organization spends about 30% of their day in their email. Cybercriminals are very clear about it and are constantly trying to attack them.

Intcomex Cloud knows this too, and that’s why it’s built a cybersecurity portfolio so you can give your clients the exact protection they need.

Protect your clients with cloud cyberprotection solutions that Intcomex Cloud offers you!

Undoubtedly, the best email reprotection option for your them:

Protecting company and user information before attacks reach your network

Solutions that reduce the time your clients’ IT has to invest in risk prevention

Lower implementation costs and no need for infrastructure investment

Disaster recovery, business continuity, and backups included* *Depending on the solution chosen

Flexibility Your clients are not tied to a particular configuration

Scalability Adapts to fluctuations in your clients’ needs

Ensures the highest standards of compliance with policies, regulations and regulations

Paid plans and subscription availability* *Depending on the solution chosen

Intcomex Cloud’s cybersecurity portfolio
has a solution for every threat.

A time-saving, expertly managed, cloud-based solution that keeps your customers safe.
Just set it up and you’re done!
Protect malicious login attempts and credentials with access controls, identity protection tools, and authentication options without disrupting productivity.
A cloud-native solution that neutralizes threats based on intelligence. Delivers faster response times, complete visibility, and automatic or manual remediation tools for mail in Microsoft 365.
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We love to thwart email attacks and we’re really good at it.

Want to learn more about cyberprotection solutions for your clients’ email?

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