Digitize your
MSEs clients


With a digital experience
for sales, self-managed delivery and customer loyalty growth specially
designed for them.

Intcomex Cloud has included in its portfolio a massive revolutionary alternative for MSEs to connect with their customers.


Elun XP, developed by Notros, is an experience through which your MSEs clients will get:

A portal accessible via QR code
to deliver a catalog of services, products and promotions. It will be their own website!

A contactless catalog of products, services and prices
where they can define categories, set images and descriptions and their customers can pay online with in-store pick-up and self-managed delivery.

An offer and promotions engine
for your customers to communicate their special offers.

A sales channel
Online sale of products and services, with integration of payment methods that include Bank Transfer and payment services.

with their consumers
Secure direct communication with customers. Get to know them and build loyalty.

Business Statistics
Your clients will have a dashboard to manage their Elun XP account and observe the statistics associated with the service.



  • Quick and easy to deploy (in just 15 minutes)
  • It adapts to many offers and items: they can include their differentiating information such as logo, brand, address, whatsapp, social networks, promotions, in short, what they wish to communicate to their customers
  • Safe and aligned with sanitary standard (contactless payment and via QR)
  • Paid per month subscription, no permanence contracts and no additional limitations.

Take this opportunity to take your MSEs customers into the world of the cloud.

  • Access a universe of more than 11 million establishments in Latin America that do not have access today to a digital marketing, sales and customer loyalty platform
  • Take advantage of the possibility of cross-selling, offering other solutions of the Cloud portfolio
  • Possibility to do upselling, offering Access Point to the same customers
  • Grow within the Notros by Elun ecosystem, with solutions for larger customers in other segments such as banking, retail, education, health, government and industry.

Intcomex Cloud makes it possible for your MSE customers to reach the cloud with Elun XP, a robust, easy-to-deploy, pay-per-month solution that delivers everything your clients ever wanted and never thought they’d achieve.

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