EDUCTEC: Comprehensive and unified management of educational centers

Maximize the power of Microsoft 365 Education, with the personalization your customers have always wanted

At Intcomex Cloud, we know that educational institutions face unique challenges integrating traditional education practices with virtuality that adds new scenarios to the academic environment. The challenge is to achieve a real integration of the educational environments and the management of the study centers to maximize the benefits for the students, teachers, and administrative staff of each campus.

This is EDUTEC, the solution that allows you to have in a single platform the management of the digital space with live classes in collaborative classrooms and the administrative control of the campus and its intranet. Find student management, educational content, notes, attendance, evaluations, payment gateway, performance reports, and more.

Unlike other platforms, the development of EDUCTEC is based on a deep knowledge of Microsoft 365, maximizing the result obtained by students and facilitating management for teachers and administrative staff:


  • Organizing your student group
  • Automatic performance reporting


  • Easy access to educational resources
  • Shared spaces with classmates and teachers

Administrative staff

  • Academic and attendance control portal

With EDUCTEC, your customers enjoy:

  • Real-time information
  • Attendance Reports
  • Performance reports
  • Courses, grades, academic programs
  • Easy adaptability to the needs of each educational center
  • Support for adaptation
  • SharePoint, Azure, and Microsoft Teams integration for a unified, consistent experience
  • Rapid implementation and deployment when developed by an Authorized Partner with an educational subscription.
  • Simplified management that avoids reprocessing and duplication

As a Reseller of Intcomex Cloud, you also have:

Initial training in the use of the solution for the reseller.

Access to the Demo portal of the solution as support during the sales process.

Support and attention center in case of problems with the application.

Fast deployment process

For customers starting with Office 365, Microsoft 365 A1, A3, and A5 training for the IT department to adopt the platform.

Updating of regulatory reports at no additional cost.

To provision this solution in ICP, your customers must meet the next requirements to create a Microsoft education tenant.

Dominio .edu



Proof of accreditation as an educational center or body affiliated to the respective Ministry of Education.

With EDUTEC, your customers enrich the Microsoft educational solution by obtaining the new intranet of the institution with access to all academic and administrative content, according to the accesses that each user has enabled. In addition, users will be able to find an educational portal developed in Sharepoint with visualization and unified access to:

Access portal

According to the user, access to information relevant to the development of classes and academic progress


Management of the content taught in the virtual classroom, with automation of academic processes

Organization and management

Design of evaluation instruments. Management of periods, notes, attendances. Automated
generation of evaluation reports

Student Profile

Information for each student of schedule, class access, and evaluation reports.

Institutional Information

A space to share the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Video Classes

Integrated with Microsoft Teams, a dynamic virtual environment to take classes everywhere.

Increase your income with EDUCTEC! As a solution built on Azure, it generates revenue from provisioning and, additionally, recurring revenue from Azure consumption for your business.

With Intcomex Cloud and EDUCTEC offer your customers in the education sector the opportunity to maximize the use of Microsoft’s educational subscription with expert support.

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