AvePoint allows you to expand your product portfolio and offer unparalleled protection for your customers´ data. AvePoint Cloud Backup is the ultimate protection for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, with unlimited automated backup, granular restore in or out of place, visibility and control over protected content and First-class Microsoft Azure encryption data.


Automatic backup and speedy content recovery, all from one SaaS interface boasting an award-winning solution that is trusted by millions.

“Complies with strict SLAs with automatic backups up to four times a day (or every 6 hours) and get the flexibility to customize SLAs, rather than relying on Microsoft’s default restore and retention policy.”

“The solution is designed to store backup data in customer’s own Azure Storage, other cloud storage, or on-premises storage for complete data.”


To ensure you delight your clients every day, start by protecting their data. Get automated backup for your critical CRM data. Enjoy flexible storage and capacity options to ensure your cloud investment is secured, and you can restore on-demand.


Find the most complete cloud-based backup solution for all Microsoft 365 instances: Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams and Project Online. Protect your data with fast granular backup and restore.


Let nothing separate you from your customers! Take care of vital information in customer relationships and maintain CRM productivity for your business. With a comprehensive backup and restore solution for Salesforce, AvePoint Cloud Backup enables rapid restoration of Salesforce records, including attached information, and preserving the relationship of the data. Enjoy the ease of keeping your content safe in Salesforce.

Google Workspace

Keep the teams unstoppable! Ensure that the critical business information you use and manage on Google Workspace is always safe. As a comprehensive backup and easy restore solution for Google Workspace, AvePoint Cloud Backup enables rapid restoration of critical business information to minimize data loss and downtime, no matter the cause!

Sky’s the limit

We’ll retain 100% of your customer data for the life of your contract. Want extra flexibility and protection? Try unlimited backup subscriptions or bring your own storage.
On-demand restore

On-demand recovery of customers’ Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or Salesforce content to the online or offline storage location of choice, while maintaining all metadata and permissions.

It’s automatic

Backup up to four times a day, every day, to ensure data and content across your customers’ Microsoft 365 environments are secure.

Encryption and Security for data protection

Simple dashboard display gives immediate insight into what services are covered – and where you may be exposed. Whether you bring your own storage – or use AvePoint’s Azure storage – you retain full control over your protected content!

Comprehensive backup

  • Close to zero configuration for daily backup plans.
  • Automatically backups up to four times a day (or every 6 hours).
  • Protection for Office 365 content includes: SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Project Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, and Public Folders.
  • Quickly choose the content you want to restore thanks to filters and business rules.
  • Store your data backups in scalable Azure storage with minimal configuration.
  • Store your backups in your cloud or data center of your choice with support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and any data destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Safeguard your information from cyberattacks or data leakage, using Microsoft Azure Key Vault Encryption in conjunction with user account security to ensure compliance around highly sensitive data.

Granular Restoration

  • Get anytime access to critical data with on-demand granular restore for emails, files, conversations, tasks, Groups, Teams, and sites.
  • Don’t just restore an individual document or version…perform full security rollbacks to undo unintended permissions changes.
  • Find content to restore based on keywords or owner — or restore to a specific point-in-time.
  • Search for and filter content for restore based on properties—including content type, owner, date created, file size, parent list name, parent folder name, email subject, date sent, and more. Restore granular content in place or out of place – even to your file system or export as a PST!
  • Get anytime access to critical data with on-demand granular restore for emails, files, conversations, tasks, Groups, Teams, and sites.
  • AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant helps locate your customers’ lost content by responding directly to Teams chats to find lost files or emails, and then easily restore.

Get them back to business—fast!

Choose what to protect, where to store data, and how to recover their content – we’re flexible. Your customers’ backup data is retained for free for the life of your contract!

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