Clevertec and Intcomex Cloud, partners working for a common future

Clevertec is a Chilean company that offers infrastructure products and services, mainly to small and medium-sized companies. Its business focus is currently on providing solutions, mainly from Microsoft, under the recurrence model.

Today, Clevertec relies on Intcomex as one of its leading hardware and cloud providers. With Intcomex Cloud, specifically, the company has developed a strong relationship based on trust and support.

“The Intcomex Cloud teams give us great support in our day-to-day operations, and the platform (ICP) is very easy for us to operate. We have never had a significant problem, and any issue that has come up has been sorted out without delay every single time.

 The ease, flexibility, and security provided by the platform make things much simple for us. The authentication layer they recently added is a great help in making sure all of our transactions are secure. In addition, the certainty that what is charged through ICP is always correct gives us great peace of mind. It has happened to us with other platforms that you have to spend much more time validating charges, and that becomes a drawback. Those things don’t happen with the Intcomex Cloud platform; it works flawlessly.

 We are currently exploring other solutions from the Intcomex Cloud portfolio to expand our service offering. With the good relationship and working dynamics we already have with them, I am confident that we’ll be doing lots of new business together in the future, either with our current customer base or with new clients.

 […] Our relationship with the Intcomex Cloud team in Chile couldn’t be better at this point. We feel their constant support both in the platform and in the day-to-day activities; we are very happy with our work dynamics.”

Richard Troncoso
CEO, CleverTec, Chile.