Automatic Threat Detection

  • Stronger security posture across the enterprise, including the public cloud
  • Rapid detection of advanced threats and indicators of compromise
  • Grow your security while lowering operational overhead
  • Reduced false positives rates with higher fidelity alerts supported by underlying observations
  • Actionable intelligence through visibility of your environment, from the private network to the public cloud

Valuable Security Alerts

Receives a wide variety of network telemetry and logs. Abnormal behavior or signs of malicious activity generate an alert so you can quickly investigate it.

Easy Management and Scalability

SaaS-based network and cloud security solution that is easy to buy and simple to use. No specialized hardware to purchase, no software agents to deploy, and no special expertise required.

  • Deploys in minutes
  • Rapid, accurate risk identification
  • Independence from hosting environments

Hybrid Network Security

Extends your visibility to detect threats across your cloud as well as on-premises environments, all from a single interface.

  • Comprehensive visibility and analytics
  • Quick incident response
  • Network segmentation simplified
  • Greater visibility to the public cloud

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