Increase your profitability

standout solutions in Zero Trust cyber security

For telcos and Intcomex Cloud’s resellers that wish to increase their profitability, we strongly recommend the standout solutions in cyber security based on the Zero Trust revolutionary model that is currently available at Intcomex Cloud through PMI platforms such as Umbrella, Secure Email (CMD) and Cisco Duo.

Zero Trust is the FUTURE of cyber security and since we offer cloud-based solutions for this model, your customers will stay ahead of the latest security threats, if they take advantage of these solutions and their benefits.

Cisco Zero Trust Approach

Which critical problems do we solve with Zero Trust security?



Remote Access

Credential Theft

Device Security

Zero Trust security products

Cisco Secure by Duo


Secure Email

A new age in cyber security arrives with Cisco Duo

Shift in IT Landscape
Users, devices and apps are everywhere

Broadest Range of Multi-Factor
Authentication (MFA) Options

  • Configure authentication options for each application or group of users
  • Enable multiple option for users for ease of use and flexibility

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