Have you considered the power of the cloud to strengthen your business’s environmental responsibility plan?

Nowadays, businesses are not measured solely by their financial results. Instead, more and more companies include the measurement of their impact on the environment in their performance parameters. In addition, they have accountability programs and efficiency indicators that reflect their performance in this field.

There are several reasons why cloud computing is an option that offers more benefits and benefits for businesses every day while helping to meet the goals of reducing an organization’s environmental impact and carbon footprint. The UK’s Ministry of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy has recently advised UK businesses to accelerate cloud adoption to support carbon reduction strategies.

In addition to the security, reliability, agility, efficiency, and availability benefits that the cloud offers for a business, we can also highlight benefits from other angles. For example, utilizing business clouds such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google efficiently affects resource utilization. Consolidating the storage of thousands of companies in global data centers allows the number of on-premises computers to be dramatically reduced and replaced with better performing equipment, used more efficiently. In the end, we can say that a smaller volume of equipment is used, and they are better used.

The three largest cloud computing service providers, AWS, Microsoft, and Google, which according to CloudTech, reach 61% of global infrastructure, invest in renewable energy, and combine its use with local grid energy, aiming to achieve 100% renewable energy in the future. In this way, customers of cloud services are decreasing their impact on the environment. Microsoft, for example, offers its Azure users the ability to use the sustainability calculator, which provides them with a report on the emissions generated by resources purchased in the Azure cloud.

In addition, the cloud offers the ability to reduce or eliminate document printing, improving data availability and security in organizations. This reduction in paper usage combined with more efficient cloud storage options is added to the benefits mentioned above, with positive implications for organizations’ energy management and waste management.

The cloud offers benefits in all respects for your business and that of your clients. So, what are you waiting for to grow your business while maximizing performance benefits and increasing the positive impact you can generate on managing climate change?

Multi-factor authentication or MFA is an additional layer of security that requires users to verify their identity in two or more ways before allowing access to a system. Although initial critics of this security complained of burdening users with additional responsibilities or procedures every day, there are more and more advocates of such protections for business information.

There are many reasons why systems, applications, and organizations, in general, must decide as soon as possible to implement this type of security. Using MFA provides simple and effective protection for users, systems, and the network.

How does MFA help reduce an organization’s risks? It’s simple. The solutions used to protect information typically leave a door open for users to enter the systems. Unfortunately, it is not only users who enter through this door. Attacks, cybercriminals, and all sorts of threats come in as well. Therefore, adding a layer of protection at the access point to the system is vitally important to ensure information security.

This extra layer of protection doesn’t have to be a burden on users. On the contrary, relying on applications of agile and straightforward use, users can meet this requirement and thus contribute to the security of systems.

In the hybrid environment that currently prevails in organizations, the need to offer additional layers of security becomes more relevant. It is well known that cyberattacks are the order of the day. In the Threat Intelligence Report, published by Check Point Research, we find alarming information: organizations in Latin America have been attacked on average 968 times a week in the last six months.

Hybrid or remote work environments pose additional risks to organizations. Unsecured Wi-Fi networks connect users, and the risk of having unguarded devices is higher than in traditional offices. The protection that MFA provides is effective in these cases while still being simple to apply. Intcomex Cloud Platform incorporates MFA to protect your cloud operations center. Relying on the Microsoft Authenticator application, available for iOS and Android, MFA on ICP offers an excellent protection for information handled in the cloud from the moment of entry to the platform.

Learn how to take advantage of this benefit starting in late August by downloading the MFA guide for ICP.

How the need to solve the challenges that the pandemic imposed on organizations of all types and around the world, is accelerating the adoption of cloud technologies.

The train of digital transformation not only left the station long ago but is running full speed ahead. When talking about the adoption of cloud technologies by the organizations that make up the global productive fabric -from small businesses to governments- the question changed from “when will it happen?” to be “how fast will it happen?”;; the data already points us towards an answer.

If we use the United States, the world’s largest computer market as a barometer, the trend is clear. According to newly published figures from the research firm Canalys, during the four quarters of 2020 and the first half of 2021, investment in cloud services grew steadily by more than 30%. Only in the first quarter of the current year, the US invested more than $ 18 billion, 29% more than in the previous quarter, which represents the highest number in the last two years, making clear a trend of rising demand.

But if we want to get an idea of ​​how fast this train will go, we will have to analyze what is the fuel that impulses it. According to Canalys´ data, this acceleration of digital transformation projects is directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or rather, to the mechanisms that organizations, almost without exception, have had to implement to stay afloat in the midst ofduring the complete disruption of productive activities caused by the pandemic. Now that world economies are beginning to recover, companies of all sizes and productive activities are not only reactivating migration projects that had been put on hold due to the crisis, they are also stepping on the accelerator, dedicating more resources to accelerate the processes. To this must be added the impetus that the sanitary confinement gave to the adoption of commerce and the consumption of entertainment from remote platforms.

But if there is something that has fanned the flames of digital transformation, it has been remote work; or, in many cases now that we have left confinement behind, the work schemes that combine the office duty with remote work. As companies reopen their premises to workers, many are putting in place a hybrid workforce model in which employees combine work from home, the office, or elsewhere.

The shift towards these modalities has forced companies to rethink practically everything workforce-related, from the physical spaces to the productive resources they require, and of course, the need for collaboration solutions in the cloud that are agile, stable, secure, and reliable has become a priority.

And as has happened throughout the history of humanity, great needs flourish great innovations. An example of how to innovate agilely and quickly in the midst ofin the midst a crisis is Cisco and the arsenal of new cloud solutions that it has been able to develop, fine-tune, and bring to market in the midst ofduring thethe pandemic.

Solutions such as Cisco Webex, the most visible example, have come to facilitate a successful implementation of new work models by offering more stable, secure, and reliable remote collaboration experiences, thus promoting efficient collaboration both between colleagues and organizations.

In this context, those three words: “stability, safety, and reliability”, are the correct additives to optimize combustion in the engine that makes the train of digital transformation move faster and faster.

Cisco has not only succeeded in making more stable and reliable remote collaboration products available to companies, organizations, and governments, such as Webex Calling or Webex Meetings, it has also managed to create solutions that make that collaboration more secure against the cybersecurity threats that have proliferated.

Cisco Umbrella, a cloud-native security service built around the renowned SASE architecture, is a formidable first line of defense against Internet threats. Secure Cloud Analytics – formerly known as Stealthwatch Cloud – takes care of monitoring private networks, public cloudsclouds, or hybrid environments, to detect and neutralize any possible violation, while Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox keeps the transmission of malicious software infections via email -the hackers’ favorite way to carry out ransomware attacks- at bay.

This combination of the need to adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances with the rapid development of technological solutions that fully meet that need is allowing the digital transformation to go full steam ahead into the future.

It remains to be seen whether and for how long the adoption of cloud technologies will continue to increase. Naturally, it is predictable that as more organizations successfully complete their migration processes, the locomotive will reach a stable cruising speed. What is clear is that this train is not going back and that those who fail to catch it in time at one of its stations will simply be left behind.


For those who know about cyber protection, it is clear that Acronis solutions are at the highest level. So it may seem incredible that it is possible to enhance the cyber protection provided by Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. This cloud-based solution from Acronis brings together cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint, system, and information protection management. With an AI-based integration, it allows to eliminate complexity and keep costs under control without compromising security.

So it seems incredible that it is possible to expand the benefits that your clients get. Acronis has developed the perfect Add-on to extend cyber protection. With Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can expand the Disaster Recovery service, gain a competitive advantage, and increase your profitability with functionalities covering all Endpoints.

Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery reduces downtime, minimizes complexity by offering the most comprehensive disaster recovery service on a single platform and single interface, and enables increased recurring revenue by building customer relationships based on the added value delivered.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud includes backups for files, images, and applications, local recovery with instant restore, and VPN connection in the cloud. Add other features with Advanced Disaster Recovery:

  • Production and test failover on Acronis Cloud
  • Deployment option without VPN
  • IPSec multi-site VPN support, open site-to-site L2 VPN
  • Multiple templates
  • Runbooks
  • Custom DNS configuration

The benefits of the additional functionalities are multiple. For example, you can include the most popular workloads, such as Windows and Linux, on physical servers and virtual machines. Additionally, you can simplify the disaster recovery process and increase operational efficiencies with the automation of failovers and the use of specialized runbooks for the cloud.

Regardless of the cause of the outage, Advanced Disaster Recovery guarantees RPO and RTO of less than 15 minutes. This way, you allow customers to get back to business in a few minutes, as they can restore their systems from Acronis Cloud from anywhere, enjoying the immediate availability of their data.

Acronis’ level of cyber protection is unmatched. With powerful yet simple disaster recovery, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and its Advanced Disaster Recovery add-on guarantee Service Providers the ability to offer cyber protection, data protection, and managed security services in a single solution and at an unmatched level. Isn’t this what every customer is needing?

With the innovation of the WEBEX Suite

The innovation brought by the Webex Suite offers several ways of collaboration in one subscription. For example, with Intcomex Cloud, users of the new Webex Suite find, in addition to calling, meetings, messaging and event services, a poll, survey, and questions and answers feature.

The new Webex Suite is:

  • Inclusive: guarantees an equal experience for all users, providing equal participation to ensure that everyone can be seen and heard. In addition to the basic functions, it includes translation, which optimizes the involvement of each user, the Optimize my voice function, which allows everyone’s ideas to be heard by everyone and People Focus, offering balanced presence for conference participants regardless of whether they are at home or back in the office.
  • Flexible: The new Suite improves interaction with the audience during meetings and conferences, including voting, testing, Q&A.
  • Employee Support: With the integration of Thrive Reset App, employees get support for their health and well-being. With customizable reminders, each user can reset their energy level and rest based on neuroscience knowledge.
  • Sure: A secure collaboration requires verification of each of the conference and meeting participants.First Zero Trust, built into the new Webex Suite, protects information before users access information and resources.
  • Managed: The robust set of tools available to manage the infrastructure and support users also allows to bulk manage the workforce’s devices in the new hybrid environment, allowing direct feedback and more efficient updates and security.

The new features of the Webex Suite are reflected in the new brand image that users will enjoy and that express CISCO’s knowledge and excitement for the future of working in the new hybrid environment that users face in the modern world.

Focused on giving the users what they want

On June 24, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 – a new user experience: customizable and enjoyable, respects your preferences, and relies on AI to give everyone the most friendly and complete experience.

Based on the concept of staying productive and focused, Windows 11 presents a start menu that visually changes its position and overall aesthetics. It also gives the user quick access to its latest applications and documents and files it suggests, according to their latest access and uses.

New features include Snap Layouts, functionality to adapt screen layout easily and quickly; Snap Groups to remember desktop windows configurations and Virtual Desktops to redistribute different task groups for better organization.

Windows 11 wants to support the user by facilitating their workflow, automatically adapting to their mode of use, allowing them to resume work where they left off, and integrating various forms of information entry: written, tactile, voice, or clicks, depending on the preference of each user at all times. It also offers Windows Widgets, a news feed powered by Artificial Intelligence that adapts to everyone’s usage preferences.

It is important to highlight the native integration of Teams with Windows 11 that manages to incorporate the messaging and video conferencing platform from the basic installation of the operating system, simply allowing instant connectivity. The Microsoft store includes Android Apps designed for any device, from multiple brands, according to each user’s preferences. Also, Windows 11 delivers an unparalleled video gaming experience, including Auto HDR and DirectX12 Ultimate, to delight gamers.

Microsoft’s desire to empower its users to design the experience that best suits their tastes and way of use is evident. We hope that this desire from Microsoft will come true for the millions of users who will enjoy Windows 11 by the end of 2021.

Learn more about this release following this link Windows 11

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has forecast a 2021 hurricane season, with above-average activity. The agency estimates that there will be between 13 and 20 named storms for this season and between six and 10 with the possibility of becoming hurricanes.

Although forecasts are not always met, business information must be protected from a possible catastrophic event. Even though hurricane season is a period that repeats itself annually, hundreds of businesses spend year after year worrying but not acting. With today’s existing information protection solutions, it is not justifiable to confront the business with the risk of not protecting information and facing consequences that can be immensely damaging to a company’s results.

What can a company do to protect your information against these types of events?

An organization must have a detailed plan for communications management, facility security, power supply plants, etc. Organizations that aggregate different industries by guilds have preparation lists that can be very useful when planning.

How to protect information?

As for the handling of information, companies must carry out a plan that includes:

  • First, back up data to remote locations, ideally in the cloud, so that you can access it in case of systems become damaged or inaccessible.
  • Implementation of a Disaster Recovery system that minimizes recovery time (RTO) and helps achieve the Recovery Objective Point (RPO) in an almost immediate way.

Intcomex Cloud makes the Azure Solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery available to its Resellers as the ideal tool to ensure information protection. 

Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure, and scalable solution that allows you to avoid business interruptions and outages with a single click. Additionally, with Azure Site Recovery, ensuring that critical information will be available when needed is possible. Easy to implement, it offers reliability and profitability for every business.

The solution is within reach

As we’ve seen, there’s no excuse for letting a predictable event take an organization by surprise. The hurricane season occurs between June and November every year, and there are forecasts increasingly adjusted to reality. There is no point in ignoring these projections or waiting until the last minute to seek protection. Azure cloud solutions are here to protect the information in an agile and simple way, offering scalability, reliability, and prices truly achievable for all types of organizations. Consult the experts at Intcomex Cloud so they can guide you in selecting the best option for your business. Contact us at cloudsales@intcomex.com

You may provision Acronis Cyber Cloud from ICP – Intcomex Cloud Platform.

Acronis Cyber Cloud Commitment (SPLA) service can be provisioned once and only on the Reseller level. After the Trial period ends, the subscription can be terminated only after one year.  Commitment level can be downgraded only during the TRIAL or after one year.

Acronis Cyber Cloud Commitment (SPLA) service structure table:

Acronis Cyber Cloud Commitment (SPLA) service provisioning

1. Go to your Reseller account in a hierarchy tree

2. Click on Available services and select Acronis Cyber Cloud Commitment (SPLA) service from the list of available services

3. Go to the Configuration tab and pre-fill the required information, then click “Next”, pre-fill required information in the Company Details tab press “Next” and “Finish”.

4. After provisioning will be done, you will receive a welcome e-mail from Acronis. A welcome e-mail will be delivered to an e-mail address that was provided during the provisioning process. Once e- mail is received, click “Activate Account” to complete the activation.

E -mail example:

What about the TRIAL period?

By default, each new tenant has a “first month” under the Trial period.

• If provisioning happens from 1 till 15 of the month, the Trial will run until the end of the current month

• If provisioning happens after the 15 of the month, the Trial will run till the end of the next month.

What about Billing?

Acronis Cyber Cloud Commitment (SPLA) is a usage(consumption)-based service with a minimum commitment. The commitment is defined during the service provisioning. You will be charged based on the selected commitment tier. If the minimum commitment usage is reached, you will be charged additionally for over/additional usage based.

How does Sync my Tenant work?

Sync usage is taking place daily and shows the usage of the previous day. At any time, it is possible to sync tenant usage by running the custom action:

NOTE:  But still, reading shown in Cloud Marketplace will be always for the previous day.

Learn about Limitations and Remote validations

Unique and not used in Acronis Management Portal login name can be provisioned o Not unique:

For Login name already in use, you’ll get the following message:

Tier levels can be changed from the 5th to the 25th of each mont. Limitation for correct usage and price calculation.

Tier downgrade is posible only during the Trial period and after a commitment contract (12 months) period is finished.

Acronis Migration service provisioning

1. Go to your Reseller account in a hierarchy tree

2. Click on Available services and select Acronis Cyber Cloud Commitment (SPLA) service from the list of available services

3. Go to the Configuration tab and select the option “migrate existing account”

4. Then fill the Current Login [Current login name in Acronis Management portal] and Tenant Name [The tenant name can be seen in the top left corner when you login to the Acronis Management Portal] option, and the Tier Level. Once filled then press “Next”.


5. In the following screen fill the Contact Information fields and then “Next” and “finish”


Q: Can service be provisioned on the E nd-customer level?

A: Service can be provisioned only on a Reseller level and can be ordered once.

Q: What happens after the Acronis service is provisioned?

A: After Service is provisioned, Acronis will send an activation link to the provided in the field: “Admin User email address” during Service provisioning.

Q: Where is possible to check when was the last sync and what is the total usage?

A: In the subscription in the Sync Usage section, you can find “Sync Time Stamp” and “Total Usage”

Q: Where is possible to check when the Trial ends?

A: In subscription in the Sync Usage section, you can find “Trial Period E nd Date”

Q: Where is possible to check prices?

A: In the subscription USAG E RE PORT tab, you can see all the costs.

Q: Is it possible to check detailed usage?

A: In the subscription USAG E RE PORT tab you can find a detailed breakdown of usage. You can also Download usage raw data.

Q: What if my usage didn’t reach the minimum commitment?

A: You still will be charged based on the selected commitment tier level.

Q: What happens if the subscription exceeds the minimum commitment usage?

A: You will be charged for over /additional usage based.

Q: What happens when the Trial period ends?

A: After the Trial period, the subscription will be automatically converted into a paid one, with a selected tier (commitment) level.

To help your clients get the most out of their Office 365 subscription, Microsoft updated the system requirements.

At Intcomex Cloud we know that your clients are your main concern. For this reason, we want you to take into account the update in the system requirements that Microsoft has implemented for Office 365 users.

Microsoft is always looking for the best experience for its users. With this in mind, it develops version updates for its solutions. These updates bring changes for different Office versions. We want you to be clear about how your clients will be affected, depending on the version of Office 365 they use.

What are the Office versions involved in the change?

Office 2013 client connections to Office 365 business services are not supported as of October 13, 2020. Starting on this date, investments in Office 365 cloud services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business, will continue based on post-Office 2013 requirements.

Based on these changes, we recommend that organizations with Office 2013 clients consider migrating to M365 App for Enterprises based on CSP model.

What about versions after Office 2013?

Support for Office 2016 and Office 2019 connections to Office 365 cloud services will continue until October 2023.

Will this change limit the experience for Office 2013 users?

Although Microsoft will not take any active steps to prevent Office 2013 and Office 2010 clients from connecting to Office 365 services, clients of these versions may experience performance and reliability issues if they try to connect to a modern and always updated cloud service.

Also, they may face an increased security risk and may be out of compliance, depending on specific industry or region requirements. Support escalations may also be unable to resolve issues that arise due to unsupported service connections.

It’s in your hands

Avoid limitations in the service for your clients Don’t let them miss out on all the benefits offered by permanent updates to Office 365. Help them achieve excellence in their work by enjoying the advantages that Microsoft 365 offers them based on CSP model. With Intcomex Cloud it is easier than ever.

Remote learning for a wide variety of students including those with learning disabilities

The global pandemic that has changed the way all schools work has presented opportunities to get the most out of Microsoft’s educational solutions.


CLIENT: Landmark College, an institution exclusively dedicated to higher education for students with learning disabilities.

CHALLENGE: Faced with the pandemic, Landmark College needed to provide its students and applicants with the possibility of being connected and continuing their educational process despite not being able to attend classes.


In this situation, Landmark College chose Microsoft solutions, using Office 365 to empower all of its students:

  • It provided students with widely accessible technologies built into Office 365, including tools to help students of all physical and mental abilities.
  • Using text-to-speech tools such as Reading Out Loud, it facilitated the learning process for students with dyslexia or visual impairments.
  • Landmark College and Microsoft addressed cognitive access issues, with tools that help neuro-diverse populations, including Learning Tools in Word and One-Note drawing capabilities.

This success story in which Microsoft enabled remote learning for Landmark College students reflects Microsoft’s vision of inclusive learning in distance education:

“I can’t stress enough how important it is that Microsoft considers accessibility, not as a last-minute idea, but as a design framework for creating perfect learning experiences for all types of students.”

Manju Banerjee
Vice President of Research and Educational Innovation


CLIENT: The Puyallup School District in northern Washington state, USA, brings together more than 23,000 elementary and middle school students, with a wide variety of learning needs and access conditions.

CHALLENGE: The Puyallup School District’s goal included creating a solution that from design worked as much more than a patchwork quilt of devices and applications. In order to reinvent the way educators relate to their students in the new reality, a Microsoft-based solution was developed to integrate the community, taking care of the budget.


Using Windows 10, Office 365, Intune, and Microsoft’s cloud-based education solutions, the district was able to:

  • Provide student access with tools built into Windows 10 and Office 365, including stylus input, assistant reader, zoom, braille, and more
  • Help students facing stuttering and dyslexia, providing dictation tools, so they no longer feel that their experience is different from that of their peers.
  • Save using the Microsoft stack, including servers, Single Sign-On apps, and Intune all gathered as a comprehensive package.

In the words of Jeff Hinkle, Technology Services Administrator at Puyallup School District, one of the many benefits of students with disabilities:

“With Microsoft’s learning tools, visually impaired students can zoom in. Whatever material the teacher projects in class, it will be available for the student to zoom in and see for himself.”