PROJECT: Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

The migration process was successful, extremely simple and fast. Not only did we migrate email accounts but also had all the user information from our calendars, contacts and documents migrated and integrated from the very beginning. 98% of email accounts were migrated without users even noticing.

– Alejandro Rivas

Digital Marketing Manager

Client Profile: Accvent, a relatively new company formed in the United States based in Miami, decided to buy stakes in three technology companies. Accvent is focused on innovation and collaboration that seeks to have technological solutions for supporting innovative results for successful leaders in consolidated markets.

Business challenge: Different business relationships have been established via e-mail at Accvent turning e-mail into its main communication tool.  However, everyday users had to deal with different mail solutions, implying a significant administrative and operating wear out. Events such as delays and even post losses were some of the difficult situations they faced, affecting both internal communications as well as with suppliers.

Solution: Accvent, according to their specifications required a mixed solution that would migrate accounts to Business Premium and Office 365 Exchange Online, which provides its users not only a versatile tool that allows e-mail use from your computer, mobile and/or web, they also have installed Office applications, which integrate well with collaboration tools and Microsoft mail, fulfilling communication needs.


  • Unification of mailing platform with collaboration features to ensure user’s contacts and shared calendar
  • Immediate use of the solution, short periods of migration, and familiarity with the mail platform for minimizing user interaction default.
  • Migration process was successful and transparent to users.
  • Users improved internal communication and offer easier management of e-mail
  • Easy configuration on phones
  • Increased storage space for every user
  • Personalized support that ensures the satisfaction of users at the time of migration.


CHANNEL: Walca Corporation

PROJECT:  The project was based on the migration of Lotus Notes v8.5 for Microsoft Office 365 and implementation of Skype for Business.

Migration projects are complex, so I emphasize the speed and ease with which we have conducted this migration, always supported by Intcomex and I also point out how easy it was to use the BitTitan tool. We made a great team and had excellent results.”

– Cristian Imparato

CEO Walca Corporation

Client profile: SURA is a multinational company that integrates different companies in insurance solutions and social security. In Panama, experience demonstrates that growing and strengthening businesses, must be accompanied by technological upgrades to support their strategic principles based on creating value and encouraging innovative thinking.

Business challenge: Having to update current email platforms without impacting users with service unavailability or drastic changes in use of the application. All this without incurring in large costs associated with licensing and purchasing new license’s support. Additionally the team had to choose a messaging solution that would integrate with Lync platforms used in Colombia. Trained personnel led the project to guarantee the successful completion of the project performed all migrations.

Solution: SURA chose Walca Corporation for this project. According to their user profiles, SURA acquired a mixed solution of Office 365 Business Essentials accounts, Office 365 Business Premium and Exchange Online, which shows the flexibility in the chosen solution.

With MigrationWiz from BitTitan the migration of Lotus Notes version 8.5 to Microsoft Office 365 that included mail, calendar and contacts was performed. Furthermore, the instant messaging solution with Skype for business in Panama was implemented to link with the Lync platform in Colombia, which will now be configured as a collaboration tool to integrate messaging, contacts and agendas.


  • Updating Platform-mail within a lower budget and support included as compared to a traditional purchase of licenses.
  • Significant expansion of storage space of user mailboxes, dramatically reducing time on tasks related to email archiving.
  • Collaborative features as part of a solution for your users’ contacts and shared agenda.
  • Immediate access and use of the solution, familiarity with interface.
  • Successful, fast and transparent migration process for users
  • No incurring in “service unavailability” during the migration.
  • Excellent teamwork between Walca and Intcomex Corporation, which greatly facilitated the development of the project.

About Walca Corporation

Walca Corporation is an international company in the field of information technology, with more than 15 years of experience; and currently it has offices in Panama and Venezuela. Walca Corporation is designed to provide services in infrastructure, support, consulting and audit: servers (physical and highly virtualized environments), databases, networks (LAN, WAN, MAN), security and high availability of data, telephony IP, and software licensing certificates.

Walca coverage applies to private companies and government, requiring staff expertise with technological reliability and operability.

About Intcomex

Intcomex is the leading technology distribution platform in products and value-added solutions for Latin America and the Caribbean. The company provides and distributes a wide range of products, including computer equipment, computer components and peripherals, mobile, software, accessories, networking products, security products, POS and digital consumer electronic devices include, more than 50,000 customers in 41 countries in the region. Intcomex also offers a comprehensive service including training and sales, client services, warranty services as well as financial services and local inventory. Intcomex prides itself in offering excellent technical support areas, dispatch and delivery, as well as effective processes for manufacturer permission of return. The driving force behind the overall success of Intcomex lies in its commitment to meeting the needs of all its customers and a team of highly qualified professionals.

When Microsoft announced its last quarterly earnings in late January, CEO Satya Nadella took the time to shout out one customer in particular: Mars Incorporated, the secretive $35 billion company behind Twix, M&Ms, Life Savers, and 57 more popular brands.

“An early adopter of Office 365, Mars is using Office and Windows 10 to transform how its 80,000-strong global workforce collaborates while staying secure,” Nadella said on a conference call with reporters, analysts, and investors.

Indeed, Mars CIO Vittorio Cretella tells Business Insider that the company has been a big fan of Office 365 since 2010, when Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite was still sporting the far less catchy name Business Productivity Online Suite, or BPOS.

When Mars first signed on with the Redmond giant, it was during the era of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Now, just about seven years later, Cretella says that he’s noticed a big, positive change at Microsoft under the three-year reign of Nadella.

Now, Cretella says, Microsoft is more likely to “think of the solution first, instead of the technology first.” In other words, rather than pushing any one product, Cretella says, Microsoft is selling Mars an ever-extending way for its employees to collaborate with each other.

The Nadella years

For instance, Cretella says, a lot of work still gets done at the company with Word, Excel, and all the other classic Microsoft Office apps. But in the last year or two, Cretella says, the company has started to see “exponential” internal usage of videoconferencing tool Skype for Business and the business social network Yammer – and it’s all included in the same Office 365 subscriptions Cretella’s department is already paying for.

It’s a focus on the outcome, in contrast to the strong-arm Microsoft sales tactics of yesteryear that have been described as aggressive. And it’s opening new doors for Microsoft, even as competition from Amazon and Google in the cloud puts more pressure on the tech titan.

What Cretella really appreciates about Microsoft, Cretella says, is that they’re on the same page: Like Mars, Microsoft has a brisk business in selling straight to consumers. But because of its long history of building products to big businesses, Microsoft also understands Mars’ stringent needs around security.

Getty Images/Stephen Brashear

Microsoft is a “consumer business,” Cretella says, “but with an enterprise mindset.” Other vendors the company periodically looks at (Cretella wouldn’t name names, but Google is a strong possibility) had one but not necessarily the other.

Plus, Cretella says, the company is starting to move important applications from its existing two data centers into the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, where it gets access to the tech titan’s ever-growing selection of supercomputing services.

A big part of the value of working with Microsoft, Cretella says, is that they can experiment with the more cutting-edge and modern ways of doing things, as with Skype or Azure, but still know that they won’t be “let down with traditional infrastructure.” Office still works like it should, as does the rest of the Microsoft tech it uses.


Source: LatanNewCenter