Take advantage of the new features in the Intcomex Cloud portfolio and offer Office 365 à la carte, the new and most complete account from Office 365! In addition to the regular Office 365, it offers the centralized management of signatures, Office 365 data backup in the cloud (Exchange, OneDrive Business Teams, Sharepoint) and antiSPAM security.

You can build this solution directly at ICP – Intcomex Cloud Platform. From there you may add the options you preferred independently of the Office 365.

Let’s see how to do it:

Office 365
1. Go to the ICP Intcomex Cloud Platform
If you don’t have access to the ICP yet, you may request it through your local Intcomex Cloud account executive or by sending an e-mail to ayuda.soportelatam.cloud, after they verify that you’re a client of the Intcomex cloud portfolio, they will provide you access and the necessary information for you to get familiar with the platform.
2. Choose the products according to your clients’ needs,
you may choose from the following features:
Centralized Signature Letsignit

Offer your customers the best solution for personalized e-mail signatures with the free Letsignit STARTER plan.

Office 365
Office 365 Backup Dropsuite

You can show your clients the best way to backup and ensure their Office 365 information for 30 days.

Office 365
AntiSpam solution ZeroSpam

Your first month of this antiSPAM solution is free, it protects against e-mail threats.

Office 365
3. Register and download the sales kit of each solution.
Seize all the features that we offer so you may
promote them with your clients.
Download them here:
Office 365
4. Enter our webinars where our experts will tell about
every single solution and show you how to
offer them to your customers.


*For the ZeroSpam and Dropsuite products, the reseller is responsible of canceling the 1st month subscription in case of not continuing with the product; otherwise the licenses in use will be automatically billed.

Intcomex signs a New Partnership with Dropsuite to Bring
Data Protection to Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Intcomex to offer Cloud Backup for Office 365 by Dropsuite to 50,000+ reseller partners.
  • According to a report cited by Microsoft, “Cybersecurity: Are We Ready in Latin America and the Caribbean?”, Latin America was extremely vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber-attacks.
  • Intcomex will benefit Dropsuite due to its market coverage, leadership and positioning in the region.

Miami, Florida – November 26, 2018 Intcomex, the leading platform of value-added solutions and technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean, has strategically partnered with Dropsuite Limited (ASX: DSE), a leading cloud data backup platform for businesses, to bring Cloud Backup for Office 365, through Dropsuite, to it’s network of 50,000+ reseller partners.

According to a report cited by Microsoft, “Cybersecurity: Are We Ready in Latin America and the Caribbean?,” authored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); Organization of American States, Latin America was extremely vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber-attacks.*

With threats to data safety on the rise, businesses can no longer risk exposing themselves to unexpected data loss events such as ransomware, phishing attacks, rogue employee theft, or accidental deletion. Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365 will help Intcomex resellers safeguard Exchange Online (email files, attachments, calendars and tasks), plus backup SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data.

Intcomex offers a full trade coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean, with major scale and leadership that will rapidly and effectively position Dropsuite’s products. The company has a robust infrastructure and a great vision of the IT business conformed by a network of 15 subsidiaries throughout the region, two consolidation centers located in Miami and Panama, has operations in 41 countries and a coverage of more than 50.000 unique customers every year. Certainly, it will be a winning entry strategy product that will complement the solid offering in cloud products and services of the company.

On the other hand, Dropsuite offers a superior product to the Latin American and the Caribbean market. The company stands above the crowd by proposing a single pane-of-glass dashboard that enables IT administrators to manage and retrieve data in minutes — reducing Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), boosting ARPU and improving customer satisfaction.

Joseph Bouhadana, VicePresident of Cloud Services at Intcomex, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Dropsuite to bring their professional-grade Office 365 backup and archiving product to our reseller customers. Dropsuite’s automated backup is user-friendly, meets rigorous international compliance standards, and is simple to provision.”

We’re honored to partner with Intcomex, a distributor that willing to bring cloud backup and archiving to Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Dropsuite’s COO, Ridley Ruth. “Launching Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365 on the Intcomex platform means MSPs and VARs will be able to double their money by bundling our product with Office 365, while earning recurring revenue”,affirmed Ruth.

To learn more about Intcomex and how to purchase Dropsuite products, please contact the cloud solutions advisors at email [email protected], or visit cloud.intcomex.com.

About Intcomex
For over 25 years, Intcomex has been a premiere value-added distributor of IT products focused solely on serving Latin America and the Caribbean. Intcomex distributes cloud solutions, computer equipment, components, peripherals, software, computer systems, accessories, networking products and digital consumer electronics to more than 50,000 local customers in over 45 countries. It offers single source purchasing to its customers by providing an in-stock selection of more than 5,700 products from over 220 vendors, including many of the world’s leading IT products manufacturers. Headquartered facility in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit the official website: http://www.intcomex.com

About Dropsuite
Dropsuite (DSE:ASX) is a global cloud software platform enabling business organizations in over 100 countries to easily backup, recover and protect their important company information. Dropsuite’s network of preferred reseller partners has a combined customer reach of millions of businesses worldwide. Dropsuite’s products include G Suite Gmail Backup, Email Archiving, Website Backup and Cloud Backup of Office 365 — which effortlessly backs up Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Dropsuite has partnered with some of the biggest names in the web hosting and IT service provider markets such as GoDaddy, D&H, UOL, ALSO, Giacom and Crazy Domains to safeguard businesses from the threat of unexpected data loss.

Dropsuite was launched in 2012 and is headquartered in Singapore with a sales presence in the US, Europe, Japan, Brazil and Australia. For more information, visit the official website: https://dropsuite.com

*Sources: https://publications.iadb.org/handle/11319/7449 and https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/microsoftsecure/2017/07/06/latin-america-is-stepping-up-to-the-plate-in-cybersecurity-policy/