Nowadays, we will most likely not find someone who uses a computer and has never heard of “the cloud”. But what is this that sounds so ethereal all about? How is it related to our use of technology? How does it affect our everyday life?

Imagine this situation: You are driving home after a long day at the office. Traffic is heavy, so to make the journey more bearable, you connect your mobile phone to the car’s audio system, open your favorite audio streaming app (Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music…), and play one of your favorite music lists or podcast.

Traffic worsens. It is time to use your geolocation service (Waze, Google Maps …) and look for an alternative route that saves you a few minutes.

You are finally home. It’s been a tough day. All you want is grabbing a bite and lie down in front of the TV, so you use your go-to food delivery app (Uber Eats, Glovo, Food Panda…), and from the dozens of options available, you order a pizza. A couple of clicks, and dinner is pre-paid and on the way. While it arrives, you hit the couch, open your video streaming app (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, HBO Max…), and pick up your favorite series right where you left off yesterday. Your phone alerts you that your order is about to arrive. Great! Time to chill with good pizza and good TV.

Until recently, all of the above would have been simply unthinkable. You might recall that just ten years ago, saving your music and videos required making room for piles of CDs or USB drives, or stuffing your PC’s hard drive to its capacity. Remember all the inconvenience? The drawbacks ranged from serious file storage limitations to the impossibility of accessing a file anywhere and everywhere we wanted. Each file was available only on the device that contained it. The closest thing to mobility in the access to our songs or videos was carrying around copies on discs or flash memories.

Today, on the other hand, accessing information from any device connected to the internet is something absolutely daily, so much so that we never question it. But, if our music, the navigation data, the information on the hundreds of restaurants we can choose from, or the series and movies that we watch on demand are not stored on our devices, where is all that data stored? The answer is in the cloud.

Welcome to the cloud!

Back to our original question: What is the cloud?

With all the advances in information technologies we have experienced in recent years, our ability to send and receive data has grown enormously. Increasingly powerful processors and ever-expanding bandwidth capacities make it possible to access, in real-time, files that would have taken eons to download not that long ago. These ground-breaking technologies opened the possibility for technology giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, or Amazon to create massive data centers and offer remote data hosting, processing, and analytics services. Thus, the idea that companies had to keep their data on local, physical servers, only accessible through the terminals directly connected to their networks, started to sound obsolete.

Through such services, now companies and individuals are freed from acquiring and continuously maintaining complex physical infrastructures. Instead, they simply hire the IT services they need. The databases, the software, the storage, the data analysis… everything is remotely accessible through applications on any smart device. This is what cloud technologies mean.

Why the cloud?

The benefits that come with the cloud are enormous and expand daily thanks to continuous advances in technology.

Saving. Remote data management implies that companies no longer need to invest in expensive hardware (server racks, terminals, physical network infrastructure…) and software packages. Operating costs such as power, maintenance, professional services, and licenses plummeted or simply went the way of the dodo.

Practicality. Traditionally, implementing IT products and services involved multiple -and costly- experts working for days, sometimes weeks or months to get everything functioning as expected. In contrast, provisioning and running cloud services at full capacity typically takes a few clicks and minutes to hours in the worst of cases.

Smart consumption. The savings go beyond software, hardware, and operating costs; it extends to the services’ use. In the cloud, you pay strictly for what you use, no more, no less. When choosing service packages, this flexibility makes it easier for small and medium-sized companies to access technological resources that would otherwise be impossible for them to afford. The cloud also allows for varying the scope of services as needed. For instance, if a small business starts to grow and their requirements for data storage, processing, and transmission increase, they can choose to upscale their service requirements. If, on the contrary, a company needs -for whatever reason- to reduce the services they consume, they can do so immediately.

Productivity. The ability to access every bit of information any time, from anywhere, and through virtually any device capable of connecting to the internet, opens infinite possibilities in terms of productivity. For example, in the past, a report would have been left unfinished in the PC of the person in charge while they went home for the weekend, now that same person can access the document from their mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer, and finish it on the go. Not only that, they can share and work on it collaboratively and in real-time with their teammates.

Upgrade. It is not just a matter of remote access to applications and data processing; it is also a matter of characteristics of the services and applications available. With cloud technologies, the need for always having the latest hardware and software versions to keep the edge in performance is a thing of the past. Now, absolutely everything is immediately updated at no additional costs.

Another advantage is that IT teams no longer have to spend long hours on relatively simple everyday tasks, such as managing accounts or installing and updating software, allowing them to focus on more relevant tasks from a strategic standpoint.

Security. Hosting and organization’s data in the cloud can be nerve-wracking to people who feel at ease by keeping it on physical servers they can see and touch. However, the cloud offers security solutions that, until recently, would have been considered as science fiction. Users’ identity verification through artificial intelligence, automated management of access privileges, communications encryption, filtering and evaluation of incoming and outgoing emails to detect malicious software, secure data storage and archiving, disaster recovery protocols… The data security levels on the cloud exceed the experts’ wildest dreams and are the stuff cybercriminals’ nightmares are made of.

Business opportunities. Around the world, the cloud has stimulated the creation of countless new services for companies to raise their efficiency and productivity to unprecedented levels, to the consumers’ benefit; and the innovation won’t stop. For businesses, regardless of size, location, or economic activity, migrating to the cloud is a must; a matter of survival. Those that have done it the right way or are in the process of doing it will remain at the forefront in their industries; those that resist change might find themselves obsolete sooner than later.

And as with any change comes opportunity, this dilemma creates a world of possibilities for IT services enterprises, particularly for managed service providers. They are the ones called to guide every organization in the world, from small businesses to multinational corporations, on their digital transformation journey.


¿What should a cloud service provider do to sell subscriptions to customers who already have a Microsoft tenant?

The procedure is very simple. You must request the relationship link from Intcomex Cloud. Once you have it, you will have to send it to your client’s tenant administrator -or the clients themselves- so that they can complete the procedure. If you, as a reseller, are already serving as the client’s tenant administrator, all you have to do is following the steps outlined below.

Note: As soon as the tenant administrator clicks “Give permission to Microsoft reseller,” the services provider is authorized to access the tenant. Now with the accredited administration rights, the provider will be able to create the subscriptions requested by the customer and manage them. The provider will not, however, be able to see other subscriptions on the customer’s tenant.

These are the 6 steps necessary to establish the relationship:

1. Open your favorite browser in private mode

2. Enter the Microsoft CSP relationship URL provided by Intcomex Cloud

3. Click on the button “Login”

4: Enter the Office 365 Administrator User username and password. If you, as a reseller, don’t have this information, you will have to request it from the client or send him the link so that they can complete the procedure.

5. Grant Microsoft reseller permission to manage CSP licenses.

6. And voila! The relationship has been established.


Take advantage of the new features in the Intcomex Cloud portfolio and offer Office 365 à la carte, the new and most complete account from Office 365! In addition to the regular Office 365, it offers the centralized management of signatures, Office 365 data backup in the cloud (Exchange, OneDrive Business Teams, Sharepoint) and antiSPAM security.

You can build this solution directly at ICP – Intcomex Cloud Platform. From there you may add the options you preferred independently of the Office 365.

Let’s see how to do it:

Office 365
1. Go to the ICP Intcomex Cloud Platform
If you don’t have access to the ICP yet, you may request it through your local Intcomex Cloud account executive or by sending an e-mail to, after they verify that you’re a client of the Intcomex cloud portfolio, they will provide you access and the necessary information for you to get familiar with the platform.
2. Choose the products according to your clients’ needs,
you may choose from the following features:
Centralized Signature Letsignit

Offer your customers the best solution for personalized e-mail signatures with the free Letsignit STARTER plan.

Office 365
Office 365 Backup Dropsuite

You can show your clients the best way to backup and ensure their Office 365 information for 30 days.

Office 365
AntiSpam solution ZeroSpam

Your first month of this antiSPAM solution is free, it protects against e-mail threats.

Office 365
3. Register and download the sales kit of each solution.
Seize all the features that we offer so you may
promote them with your clients.
Download them here:
Office 365
4. Enter our webinars where our experts will tell about
every single solution and show you how to
offer them to your customers.


*For the ZeroSpam and Dropsuite products, the reseller is responsible of canceling the 1st month subscription in case of not continuing with the product; otherwise the licenses in use will be automatically billed.

Through it’s partnership with ZEROSPAM, Intcomex is now offering a fully integrated high performance cloud email security solution

Miami, USA, February 13, 2018 — Intcomex and ZEROSPAM Security are proud to announce that ZEROSPAM is the first cloud email security solution to be fully integrated on the Intcomex platform, with easy purchase and fully automated provisioning. The vast community of Intcomex resellers will now be able to easily protect their customers from today’s most dangerous email-borne threats with just a few clicks. ZEROSPAM is the ideal Office 365 add-on, offering superior detection of all email-borne threats, safer quarantines and easy access to the logs of the last 30 days.

Resellers will now be able to build Office 365 bundles using ZEROSPAM, thereby ensuring their customers enjoy better protection and increasing the recurring-revenue value of every Office 365 sale. The ZEROSPAM solution is complete and highly effective, especially against phishing and ransomware. A new advanced spearphishing module, available at no extra cost, has recently been added. With this new module, ZEROSPAM offers the best spearphihing protection available in the market today. After ransomware, spearphishing is second top concern for IT Management teams. The ZEROSPAM user interface is highly intuitive and available in Spanish and English. ZEROSPAM also offers fast and competent technical support in Spanish. Plus, resellers can have a free 30 day trial for each of their customers.

“Today, the majority of infections start with a dangerous undetected email, comments Joseph Boudahana, VP, Digital Services at Intcomex. Which is why the security market is a key one for Intcomex. ZEROSPAM will be of primary interest to members of the Intcomex Cloud Community and we strive to add products to our offering that support them and help them to build their recurring revenue business. For all these reasons, we are delighted to partner with ZEROSPAM, a well-established and reputed Canadian company who built an excellent solution and has a solid experience of the North-American reseller market and offers leading-edge detection techniques. There is a huge need in the marketplace for high-peformance cloud Anti-Spam solutions such as ZEROSPAM, especially when they can so easily be combined with Office 365.”

“With it’s close ties to a huge community of tech-savy resellers in a wide range of LATAM countries, it’s forward-thinking approach to the cloud and efficient marketing tools, Intcomex is an ideal partner for ZEROSPAM, says David Poellhuber, President and CEO of ZEROSPAM Security. We want to be part of Intcomex resellers’ success and look forward to providing them with training, technical and sales support.”


ZEROSPAM Security is a pure-play cloud email security Vendor. Used by large corporations and SMBs alike through a large Partner network, ZEROSPAM delivers efficient detection of all email-borne threats, superior protection against ransomware and a unique highly efficient built-in spearphishing module. ZEROSPAM has a proven catch-rate of 99.9% validated by a neutral third party and a very low false positive rate. It is very easy to use and backed by unparalleled technical support. To learn more about ZEROSPAM, visit

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