Take advantage of the new features in the Intcomex Cloud portfolio and offer Office 365 à la carte, the new and most complete account from Office 365! In addition to the regular Office 365, it offers the centralized management of signatures, Office 365 data backup in the cloud (Exchange, OneDrive Business Teams, Sharepoint) and antiSPAM security.

You can build this solution directly at ICP – Intcomex Cloud Platform. From there you may add the options you preferred independently of the Office 365.

Let’s see how to do it:

Office 365
1. Go to the ICP Intcomex Cloud Platform
If you don’t have access to the ICP yet, you may request it through your local Intcomex Cloud account executive or by sending an e-mail to ayuda.soportelatam.cloud, after they verify that you’re a client of the Intcomex cloud portfolio, they will provide you access and the necessary information for you to get familiar with the platform.
2. Choose the products according to your clients’ needs,
you may choose from the following features:
Centralized Signature Letsignit

Offer your customers the best solution for personalized e-mail signatures with the free Letsignit STARTER plan.

Office 365
Office 365 Backup Dropsuite

You can show your clients the best way to backup and ensure their Office 365 information for 30 days.

Office 365
AntiSpam solution ZeroSpam

Your first month of this antiSPAM solution is free, it protects against e-mail threats.

Office 365
3. Register and download the sales kit of each solution.
Seize all the features that we offer so you may
promote them with your clients.
Download them here:
Office 365
4. Enter our webinars where our experts will tell about
every single solution and show you how to
offer them to your customers.


*For the ZeroSpam and Dropsuite products, the reseller is responsible of canceling the 1st month subscription in case of not continuing with the product; otherwise the licenses in use will be automatically billed.

Through it’s partnership with ZEROSPAM, Intcomex is now offering a fully integrated high performance cloud email security solution

Miami, USA, February 13, 2018 — Intcomex and ZEROSPAM Security are proud to announce that ZEROSPAM is the first cloud email security solution to be fully integrated on the Intcomex platform, with easy purchase and fully automated provisioning. The vast community of Intcomex resellers will now be able to easily protect their customers from today’s most dangerous email-borne threats with just a few clicks. ZEROSPAM is the ideal Office 365 add-on, offering superior detection of all email-borne threats, safer quarantines and easy access to the logs of the last 30 days.

Resellers will now be able to build Office 365 bundles using ZEROSPAM, thereby ensuring their customers enjoy better protection and increasing the recurring-revenue value of every Office 365 sale. The ZEROSPAM solution is complete and highly effective, especially against phishing and ransomware. A new advanced spearphishing module, available at no extra cost, has recently been added. With this new module, ZEROSPAM offers the best spearphihing protection available in the market today. After ransomware, spearphishing is second top concern for IT Management teams. The ZEROSPAM user interface is highly intuitive and available in Spanish and English. ZEROSPAM also offers fast and competent technical support in Spanish. Plus, resellers can have a free 30 day trial for each of their customers.

“Today, the majority of infections start with a dangerous undetected email, comments Joseph Boudahana, VP, Digital Services at Intcomex. Which is why the security market is a key one for Intcomex. ZEROSPAM will be of primary interest to members of the Intcomex Cloud Community and we strive to add products to our offering that support them and help them to build their recurring revenue business. For all these reasons, we are delighted to partner with ZEROSPAM, a well-established and reputed Canadian company who built an excellent solution and has a solid experience of the North-American reseller market and offers leading-edge detection techniques. There is a huge need in the marketplace for high-peformance cloud Anti-Spam solutions such as ZEROSPAM, especially when they can so easily be combined with Office 365.”

“With it’s close ties to a huge community of tech-savy resellers in a wide range of LATAM countries, it’s forward-thinking approach to the cloud and efficient marketing tools, Intcomex is an ideal partner for ZEROSPAM, says David Poellhuber, President and CEO of ZEROSPAM Security. We want to be part of Intcomex resellers’ success and look forward to providing them with training, technical and sales support.”


ZEROSPAM Security is a pure-play cloud email security Vendor. Used by large corporations and SMBs alike through a large Partner network, ZEROSPAM delivers efficient detection of all email-borne threats, superior protection against ransomware and a unique highly efficient built-in spearphishing module. ZEROSPAM has a proven catch-rate of 99.9% validated by a neutral third party and a very low false positive rate. It is very easy to use and backed by unparalleled technical support. To learn more about ZEROSPAM, visit www.zerospam.ca.

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