Despite the widespread adoption of the cloud, organizations have a long way to realize its full potential. We share some of the most common ideas about the supposed limitations of the cloud and invite you to discover together the reality of the advantages that you can’t fail to deliver to your customers.

Most organizations are aware of the benefits of the cloud, and for this reason, about 90% of organizations worldwide have cloud services in their data management and information security configuration.

However, since its inception, the cloud has been perceived by a large percentage of these companies just as an unrivaled solution for information storage. Although this is an undeniable advantage offered by the cloud, this perception is quite limited and does not reflect the true potential that companies can take advantage of using this type of service.

Let’s review. When a company decides to use cloud-based technology, the services and solutions have the advantage of being permanently updated. Gone are the routine maintenance visits required by those who do not use Cloud solutions. Cloud service providers can make it a very simple, fully automatic, and virtual process for organizations to enjoy the latest updates, with complete functionality, without having a dedicated staff for this task or incurring costs associated with such updates. This is one of the critical factors that increase the savings obtained from Cloud services and solutions in the long term.

Likewise, the administration of these Cloud services and solutions is performed remotely. This allows the response to unscheduled needs to be much faster and almost immediate. But it doesn’t stop there. Some of the physical services offered within organizations can also be controlled remotely. We are talking, for example, about access controls to facilities and devices based on Multi-factor Authentication controlled from mobile devices. This is when cloud services go beyond the virtual aspect, which is often seen as a limitation, and begin to change the way physical systems work in organizations.

One of the indisputable advantages that the cloud offers its users is scalability. Adapting solutions to each business’s growing or decreasing needs is an advantage that the cloud has over locally hosted solutions and infrastructures. The flexibility that companies that manage cloud services and solutions have allows them to make decisions with greater freedom, always having the confidence that no matter what the future holds, their cloud infrastructure will adapt to meet their needs.

If you are concerned about the belief that the cloud does not need to be managed and, therefore, you have the perception that your information will be more exposed because no one is dedicated to taking care of it, we have good news for you. Most cloud providers take care of the administration and maintenance of the servers, which is why, although users may miss the need to do it themselves, their information is safe and secure. Now, cloud management will always be a shared responsibility between providers and users, as users will always oversee access controls and the proper use of information, solutions, services, and infrastructure.

Finally, let’s talk about security. Cloud cybersecurity deals with the protection of digitally accessed data. Many users fear that, for this reason, cybersecurity is limited to this type of data. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the convergence of cybersecurity with the physical security offered in the organization. This convergence occurs, for example, when the access control of a building is based on a Cloud solution. At that point, when cloud solutions cross the virtual barrier, convergence is guaranteed. Convergence guarantees the organization’s agility to quickly identify threats, have connected systems to react no matter where the attack is, and mitigate risks easily and efficiently.

Don’t just stick to the primary uses of the cloud. Instead, free yourself from ideas about the limitations of the cloud and get the savings that cloud solutions offer you, reduce the workloads of each organization and enjoy offering the best and most complete security for your customers. Start now!

Most businesses see themselves in the cloud in the next five years: is it necessary to put aside their on-premises infrastructures?

The use of the cloud in today’s business environments is one of the most announced realities in the technological world. Due to its versatility, availability, agility, and cost characteristics, among many other aspects, the cloud has for years been considered the “must be” of IT services for organizations.

Undoubtedly, the 2020 pandemic gave an incredible boost to the transformation of the business model of many industries and implicitly catapulted the cloud as the foundation for achieving the flexibility with reliability that businesses needed for their new models. Moreover, this global emergency highlighted the need and the preference of many users for the benefits of the cloud.

Still, many organizations are finding that although they plan to be in the cloud in the next five (5) years, a 100% transition of their infrastructure may not be the right answer.

For example, Hornetsecurity’s recent survey of hybrid cloud adoption (1) indicates that although 93% of organizations said they intend to adopt the cloud over the next five years, 2 out of 3 organizations indicated that far from seeing the hybrid environment as a “Frankenstein” resulting from the pandemic, they are considering it as the destination of their IT infrastructure.

To reach this conclusion, a myriad of factors are mixed, such as:

  • The difficulty in determining the best time to move and whether it is better to make migration in phases or a single move.
  • Industry regulations that limit the handling of certain types of information in public infrastructure
  • Existing software in the company -legacy apps- vital for the operation and well-being of the company, not designed for the cloud environment.
  • Concerns related to information security, privacy, and access controls

These drawbacks are sometimes real, but in the vast majority, they are limitations that are properly handled by experts or related to perceptions generated without data.

Managed service providers have a great opportunity to handle these types of objections in businesses across industries and give them the ability to move to the cloud, as it is best suited for their businesses.

At Intcomex Cloud, we offer you the best cloud solutions for your customers with the support of cloud experts through our Professional Services. With our support, your customers will receive the best guidance and service to achieve the transition to the cloud that fits perfectly with their specific characteristics and needs. So contact us at [email protected], and let’s do it together!

(1) )Knowledge Base | Hornetsecurity | Cloud Email Security Services, 2022)

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By Ronny – June 15, 2018

Don’t be left behind. Microsoft is changing its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) delivery models to emphasize their partners’ ability to serve end-customers both on front-end with unique products and services, and on the back end with the ability to deliver scale with support services. If you are ready, this is your time. But maybe it is also the best time to think about your business model again. No matter the size of the organization, no matter the specifics of its model, Microsoft is shifting the field again. Sometimes it seems that change comes from all directions and the best we can do is bat aside the worst of it and hope that we can catch the best opportunities.

Nobody wants to be the underdog

As a CSP or SaaS provider, it may seem that the service provision models change even faster. Intellectual property, automation, recurring revenue growth and support offerings are moving to the front as Microsoft will be at least as interested in what original offerings and scaling abilities providers can bring to the table. These changes will challenge especially Direct CSP. Now is the time that any company with an interest in the cloud, Microsoft delivered services, and their own intellectual property delivered via Azure to decide, how they can deliver value to their customers in a way that benefits them, and that Microsoft will see as valuable and brand enhancing. Nobody wants to be the underdog left in the cold when Microsoft is getting stricter with its partner network.

What should you anticipate?

In this article, we will explain to you some changes to the Microsoft CSP program and suggest ways that you can best prepare yourself. Of course, Intcomex Cloud has been scanning the environment to understand how the CSP world is changing and are positioning ourselves to be strong partners for Direct and Indirect CSPs wondering how to change and how to drive success for customers. Most of us in the CSP world are familiar with the Microsoft offer and its two basic tiers of partners: Direct CSPs and Indirect CSPs. You may remember that in its original incarnation, Microsoft was not very definite in telling who should sign-up for what and it felt that they could not ask providers to have the full set of requirements in place. If the original idea was to have Direct Provider be a marquee type of service, it became apparent that many wanted the status, but only few could meet the requirements that would enhance the Microsoft notion. It became an open question of whether Microsoft would keep this status quo or try and find a way to get CSPs into their funnel in some other way.

Only 20% of Direct CSPs will keep the status

Right now, there are more than 5.000 Direct CSP signed up where Microsoft had originally planned to have 1.000. Unsurprisingly, there are so many Direct CSP that Microsoft has even locked the registration in many countries, revisited and sharpened the requirements and plans to measure adherence to program requirements. The days of having plans to reach the standard are gone. Meet or change to the Indirect program is the very clear message that has been published in the last days. Although not unexpected the news leaves lots of Direct Providers trying to understand the new landscape and having to decide whether it is better to spend the time and money needed to stay to partner with an Indirect CSP provider. This choice means evaluating business model from both the company’s perspective and from the Microsoft perspective. The questions many companies are asking are:

Did we choose the right model? What value will I get out of the Direct model in comparison to the investment Microsoft is asking for? What are the alternatives? Important questions but first things first

What are the new requirements?

There are several, but a few stand-out as most important.

Direct CSP will have to buy the Support from Microsoft in future, starting with the Advanced Package that will be charged with EUR 15 000 per year. While 15 thousand might not sound like a huge number, it is worth considering whether there is enough return to justify it.

Operating an infrastructure that includes at least automated billing, customer credit check, customer support and customer success relationship with Microsoft, meaning that you will need a full-fledged platform to manage the subscription-based offerings. Since not everyone can invest hundred thousand of Euro in developing or buying a portal, this might be already the showstopper.

Direct Providers will have to not only promise but demonstrate their add-on offerings (Managed Services, own products or solutions on top of MS offerings). There is a valid reason for this requirement. Microsoft expects Direct CSPs to be able to scale the business higher than any other partner, which leads us directly to the commercial part.

Microsoft will start to look carefully at revenue and revenue growth with an eye toward including only those with the strongest revenue and demonstrated the ability to scale and growth. In fact – the numbers are pretty steep – as Direct CSP and, according to realistic plans, you must expect to achieve at least six figures from the very first year.


So, to summarize all providers should be thinking about what portfolio they have created and can provide that will bring even more value to the Microsoft cloud offering. And, this isn’t just about capacity, it is showing that you can automate your CSP operations. You need a cloud portal and last but not least have an ITIL oriented customer support service. From our perspective only 20% of the actual direct partners will hit all requirements with ease, new partners joining will be an exception in future and the process of being accepted will be a long one. Microsoft expects to work with the majority of partners in an Indirect model so it might be the right time to do some benchmark exercise.

Would the Indirect model be any better?

The general questions for any Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider of any status are how to make the investment best so that you can continue to partner with Microsoft and provide high-quality services to your customers. What is the investment in money and time? Can you grow enough and, simultaneously to create the infrastructure Microsoft demands? Given that Microsoft incentives will not change along with these new demands, is it best to create it or buy it yourself or to leverage the strengths of a good partner?

Sure. If we are honest about it, we understand that Microsoft hopes that many Direct CSP will consider going Indirect and choose an Indirect Provider to partner with. Whether a Direct or Indirect provider, it is the right time to evaluate the best model for meeting the future that Microsoft is driving. Start questioning Indirect Providers to create an alternative approach for you. They are the ones that should support you now to build the business.

As a Direct CSP, you have provided services, and you know what other Direct providers promise their customers – you need to understand what services the Indirect Provider provides and think about how to best leverage them.

You want to see how much CSP Margin they share with Indirect Resellers and how stable that has been.

Of course, you want to see what additional services the Indirect Provider has to help you to succeed in the way you think you can and should. You need to look at how these services can supplement your own offer and how you can bundle them.

It is paramount that those services can expand and scale as you grow.

Finally, you want a provider that is experienced and helps you to develop a unique value proposition for your customers

Intcomex Cloud can answer all of these questions to not only satisfy you today but satisfy your ability to grow. Check out the website we made especially for that topic and register for webinars or schedule a meeting with one of our skilled consultants today.

At present, companies – regardless of their size – live in constant change. Aware of this, Microsoft has enhanced its productivity solutions, developed and released new applications and services, which make Microsoft Office 365 a powerful tool for companies, becoming the favorite productivity solution for licensing renewal.

For Intcomex Cloud it is important to support our channels to properly guide the renewal processes. Below, you’ll find a list of considerations that customers must know when renewing their software.

Considerations that must be taken for license renewal

1. I’d like to update Microsoft Office

Companies that bought perpetual solutions for updating their licenses, now choose cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, which gives them access to the most popular office applications in the market: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and also it includes services and collaboration applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and OneDrive Enterprise, along with all the updates that products have periodically. Therefore, user will always have the latest version.

With the CSP licensing model, you can pay for your solution annually or monthly, as it suits the company, in addition to the facilities to increase and modify user licenses.

For a successful switch, it’s important to go to expert licensing channels for proper advice and solution implementation. Depending on the country you’re in, here we list our channels directory to carry out this task.

2. I need more security for company information

This is one of the main advantages of license renewal, because security plays a momentous role for companies today. Having an updated license allows you to keep up to date with current cyber threats, such as information loss or theft due to the presence of viruses, the absence of guarantees, as well as guaranteeing updates and support.

Having reliable and secure tools makes it easier to boost remote employees’ productivity and online collaboration with secure access to business platforms, as well as company’s identities protection and information.

3. I need to have legal software

License renewal guarantees the legality of the software that is being used in the company. It’s important to keep in mind that legal risks directly impact the reputation of the organization. Also, it creates legal uncertainty regarding compliance with the laws associated with intellectual property in force in each country, which, when infringed, could expose a company to fines or compensation for improper use.

4. How much time do I have to renew licenses?

This is a question that clients rarely ask and that has a high impact, because they cannot renew cloud licensing subscriptions and existing information will only remain 90 days stored in its tenant. After that, it’ll be deleted and cannot be recovered. Therefore, we recommend paying close attention to renewal times and processes that each company carries out so as not to impact the service to the end users.

If currently, you need to renew your Microsoft licensing, count on Intcomex Cloud to support you in the process.

Contact us at [email protected] and ask about advantages and promotions in renewals with CSP.

Through it’s partnership with ZEROSPAM, Intcomex is now offering a fully integrated high performance cloud email security solution

Miami, USA, February 13, 2018 — Intcomex and ZEROSPAM Security are proud to announce that ZEROSPAM is the first cloud email security solution to be fully integrated on the Intcomex platform, with easy purchase and fully automated provisioning. The vast community of Intcomex resellers will now be able to easily protect their customers from today’s most dangerous email-borne threats with just a few clicks. ZEROSPAM is the ideal Office 365 add-on, offering superior detection of all email-borne threats, safer quarantines and easy access to the logs of the last 30 days.

Resellers will now be able to build Office 365 bundles using ZEROSPAM, thereby ensuring their customers enjoy better protection and increasing the recurring-revenue value of every Office 365 sale. The ZEROSPAM solution is complete and highly effective, especially against phishing and ransomware. A new advanced spearphishing module, available at no extra cost, has recently been added. With this new module, ZEROSPAM offers the best spearphihing protection available in the market today. After ransomware, spearphishing is second top concern for IT Management teams. The ZEROSPAM user interface is highly intuitive and available in Spanish and English. ZEROSPAM also offers fast and competent technical support in Spanish. Plus, resellers can have a free 30 day trial for each of their customers.

“Today, the majority of infections start with a dangerous undetected email, comments Joseph Boudahana, VP, Digital Services at Intcomex. Which is why the security market is a key one for Intcomex. ZEROSPAM will be of primary interest to members of the Intcomex Cloud Community and we strive to add products to our offering that support them and help them to build their recurring revenue business. For all these reasons, we are delighted to partner with ZEROSPAM, a well-established and reputed Canadian company who built an excellent solution and has a solid experience of the North-American reseller market and offers leading-edge detection techniques. There is a huge need in the marketplace for high-peformance cloud Anti-Spam solutions such as ZEROSPAM, especially when they can so easily be combined with Office 365.”

“With it’s close ties to a huge community of tech-savy resellers in a wide range of LATAM countries, it’s forward-thinking approach to the cloud and efficient marketing tools, Intcomex is an ideal partner for ZEROSPAM, says David Poellhuber, President and CEO of ZEROSPAM Security. We want to be part of Intcomex resellers’ success and look forward to providing them with training, technical and sales support.”


ZEROSPAM Security is a pure-play cloud email security Vendor. Used by large corporations and SMBs alike through a large Partner network, ZEROSPAM delivers efficient detection of all email-borne threats, superior protection against ransomware and a unique highly efficient built-in spearphishing module. ZEROSPAM has a proven catch-rate of 99.9% validated by a neutral third party and a very low false positive rate. It is very easy to use and backed by unparalleled technical support. To learn more about ZEROSPAM, visit

About Intcomex

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