Because we know that the trend in technology is the sale of products and solutions in the cloud and that you are interested in adopting this type of sale in your portfolio , we have given the task of collecting for you a few simple and important steps that the follow will help you have a successful business in the cloud. Guaranteeing the slightest effort with the best results.

After reviewing 2015 as a whole, we realize we are facing great challenges in this market.  The economic outlook has not improved in the short term, which is why companies are facing optimization processes, budget cuts and even postponing decisions that are not strictly required for business or which are not supported with a return on investment in the short term.

This is where you can play a very important role; because you have many options at hand that can help your customers make the reductions and innovations needed, ensuring a very positive result. Part of your experience should focus on identifying what needs your customers have and helping them find the solution they are looking for.

  1. Moving to the cloud faster and optimizing investments. It’s become proven fact that as users increasingly generate more information, more storage is needed.  Storage is one of the components that affect IT directly, and now you can help your customers save up to 60% on storage costs. By moving to the cloud your customers can make an appropriate and controlled use of space, without having to incur in new investments and the possibility to increase or decrease capacity, as the business will require in time. You can also offer them a hybrid configuration, i.e. solutions in the cloud and on-site that allow you to optimize investments already made.
  2. Use what you already have to implement faster solutions. Wearing out current solutions is something many IT departments cope with everyday as their user’s demands increase. While you are performing migrations of corporate applications to the cloud, IT can address other infrastructure implementations release, so extending the life of existing investments without compromising the performance of other applications and attention to user requirements.
  3. Maximize productivity and reduce wasted time. 24% of the time, sales teams are not selling.  Running business processes that don’t provide improvement reduces the effectiveness of sales closings. Help your customer showing them a comparison between how their sales force is currently working and how it can be improved.  So much collaborative information is available to support their closures sales, show them how information allows for designing strategies to sell more effectively. They’ll surely appreciate you even more when they find a way improve their sales force efficiency on a weekly basis.
  4. Reduce travel costs and communication. Often times, your client has its operations located in different parts of the city, in different cities and even in different countries. This opens the possibility of carrying forward solutions for these types of customers reducing travel costs up to 40%, a very significant figure, that can come in handy to your client’s everyday activities.
  5. Increase results by understanding your customer data with a productivity improvement of 43% and reducing costs by 66%. Present your customer with tools to understand and correlate this information, promoting an asset that counts and that it is directly shown on your company’s revenue.
  6. Train your mobile workforce and obtain 163% ROI in 7 months and up to 30% savings in training costs with E-learning and Training Vouchers
  7. Reduce IT management costs, and save up to 35% less time in device management. With centralized management solutions and known user that give autonomy without resorting to IT staff and automatically deploying applications in cases where it were required.

Try to find the opportunities that best meet your customer’s needs. Start this year as your customer’s technology, build trust and help your client grow.

For further information on the portfolio with which Microsoft responds to each of these situations, we invite you to visit our website

You’ve heard talk about your competition getting stronger, cloud incentives and yet – you’ve still not done anything about it?  You might think you cannot be a service business and be in the cloud business?

Time to think again. Let us give you a response to this and other concerns regarding cloud business.

Starting 2015, Intcomex became a solutions provider for Microsoft cloud through a unique program called CSP, through which you can buy products such as Office 365, Azure and EMS in a revolutionary way that will put you at the top of your market.

Remember when you had to ignore those opportunities where your client just wanted licensing for Microsoft Office a couple of months and there was no way to do this? Well now, the answer is these situations are Yes: Yes, you can. With this new alternative sales CSP format, you can offer your customers the same products on the cloud, with a monthly basis and multiple additional benefits.

So, what does this mean for your business? Only benefits.

It means it will be easier to achieve business closures and your client will not have to incur in CAPEX or credits to cover these payments, which would usually delay their making a decision of purchase. Now your client can have monthly payments that ease cash flow and make decisions in a shorter period.

Scalability in sales: your client can increase or decrease its users each month paying for what they use on the go, without incurring in extra fees or penalties for early decommissioning.

By having a service base that is able to cross-sell (i.e. sales of other services portfolio also generated recurrence and increase in your income), you now have a closer relationship with your customer, which will generate better short and long term relationships.

Giving your client fewer reasons to go look for what the competition has to offer, as they will always be better off with your conditions in service.

You can ensure recurring monthly revenues, which generates greater stability to your business with predictable growth.

This allows you to see a new picture:  completely successful.  But, this does not stop here; we still have more news to tell you about what you can achieve when selling Intcomex Cloud.

More profits. We know that this is an important part and there are incentives you can get that are higher than compared models for licensing.

A current service provider or not, you can also sell the products in our portfolio, we’ll give you the services you need, from product configuration and migration, to ongoing management of each of them.  Best of all, you win incentives here as well.

We have a fully automated Marketplace, which allows you to find Microsoft products and broad product portfolios in the cloud to complete your offer, which has single, centralized management simplifying your operation for delivery and billing of products and services.

We give you support through a marketing team that will be delivering advertising materials, campaigns, emails and ready to use artwork with your end customers, so you can focus on your creative business material.

It’s time to make a decision. Are you ready to accept the challenge and get on the cloud?

Become a part of Intcomex Cloud and expand your business, generate greater profitability and earn revenues on a recurring basis. To learn more and begin now, click here.

For more information visit our website

1. Name, position of the interviewee

Joseph Bouhadana, vice president of IT Intcomex.

 2. When and how did the idea of Intcomex becoming involved in clouding arise?

JB: Intcomex has an extensive experience of over 26 years in the market of products and solutions in technology for Latin America and the Caribbean and is always attentive to technological changes. This is something that is now evident in services provided such as Cloud, a response to many of the IT needs that arise in companies today. That’s why since 2014 Intcomex embarked on the process of transformation to become the leading Cloud Solution Provider in the region, which materializes in 2015 by becoming Microsoft CSP for several countries in the Americas and the Caribbean, releasing its own INTCOMEX unit called CLOUD.

3. We discussed channels offering a solution to develop the potential of the enterprise in the cloud what is the specific customer profile that Intcomex believes would make the most of this clouding service?

JB: The prospect of customers for Cloud Intcomex can be taken from two points of view:

  • Companies that currently provide consulting services, configuration, implementation and support of IT solutions: They have excellent potential for us because they can incorporate into their portfolio our product offering of cloud Microsoft under a new form of monthly sales, which will lead to a very advantageous position because the market trend is focused on selling managed services with which they can obtain up to 6 times more revenue.
  • Companies that although unaware of our services, have a broad base of corporate clients who can deliver email solutions, backup in the cloud, Office 365, CRM, and other basic solutions for businesses today that are willing to sell products with interesting incentives and monthly payments. Intcomex who can provide services configuration, migration and product support, and support in terms of training and marketing for your sales and technical teams.

4. Intcomex is the wholesaler with most coverage in Latin America. It has a superlative knowledge of the markets and its protagonists. Have we might say today what customers and what countries in the region have begun to work with Intcomex Cloud?

JB: We have coverage in 41 countries and physical presence in 14 of them, which gives us variety of channels. Currently our solutions Intcomex Cloud are in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, the United States and the English-speaking Caribbean, with projection to reach many more countries. Our channels found in Intcomex Cloud solution to transform their offer and incorporate the differentiator they were looking to reach their customers, composed of small and medium enterprises, for whom such solutions directly respond to its technological and economic needs.

5. How would you explain to a distributor simply the benefits of integrating the ecosystem Intcomex Cloud? What is the cost / benefit ratio? Is it just a service dealer or you can also resell Clouding as a business partner Intcomex?

JB: This is a very interesting question, because our service is very versatile and Cloud customers really are many benefits to being part of Intcomex Cloud. I think on this issue we can better explain Marcela Rovira, our Cloud Product Marketing Manager.

MR: As Joseph said, the benefits of our service Cloud are many. Among the highlights we can mention the monthly payments, which become the biggest differential since we had been accustomed to make annual lump sum payments, especially in licensing products. This same advantage can move the channel to your client to generate new and greater opportunities. You can also make sales to the measure, meaning that you can purchase or withdraw products according to customer requests without cost overruns, without having to pay penalties for early withdrawals, which goes hand in hand with the trend that companies working live projects . In addition, they have access to the portfolio most requested by the corporate market, can integrate different products and manufacturers in our Marketplace to their offering. And of course, to have centralized management information services have applied, their provisioning and billing. They also have product support and support for climbing the manufacturer.

To be reseller Intcomex Cloud, no infrastructure investments, new hires or expensive training required. Intcomex Cloud gives them the tools to train their sales and technical team, no matter what level they are, to centralize it on our website ( access to training platforms manufacturers we work with and have provided interesting material for our customers to develop their marketing strategies without having to rely on additional marketing resources, thus accelerating the Go-to-Market of our customers.

Another point also very interesting, are the biggest incentives and better prices than can be found in the products of our Marketplace, in the form of CSP (Cloud Solution Provider).

With all this our channels will be ready to be in the cloud at the time of Intcomex Cloud resellers itself and generate new business opportunities with scalable and flexible sales, which directly increase their income.

6. Today Intcomex has signed agreements with Microsoft for Office 365 and Acronis, Yola and IFX Networks Does that mean that within Intcomex cloud is a cloud with Microsoft and other infrastructure all brands and as it increase the portfolio will be added to the ecosystem clouds or integrate cloud brands?

MR: Intcomex Cloud brings together major products and cloud services to create the channels preferred by technology ecosystem. Our infrastructure allows us to integrate different types of clouds to generate exclusive offers and are impact for our market. The channels may choose and packaged solutions or build their own solutions, directly choosing products in our Marketplace. Brands that want to be part of Intcomex Cloud must have an offer that creates value to the ecosystem and that can be integrated with our infrastructure, which is automated from end to end to ensure that we offer value to our customers.

7. Intcomex several years has been migrating its profile towards a more corporate identity ago. Clouding also provide services is a leap of transcendent quality What has been the feedback from customers and vendors about it?

JB: Actually it has been a process of transformation that has lived from the inside, so when we tell our clients is provided to transmit and of course I have noticed, they share and have been very receptive to our actions. Backup know Intcomex and they want to upload to the cloud with us. Vendors have been hand in hand with us in supporting this renewal, as it goes in line with what the market requires, so let us all in the same direction.

8. Have you evaluated add to affiliated local agreements to provide training, support and software companies regional importance warranting be in Intcomex Cloud?

JB: Definitely. The work has been at the regional level, we have deployed our proposal practically across the continent, in every country we support our channels with different types of activities, to train and motivate them to be part of the future of its customers. We currently have a system called Cloud online training University (, where our resellers can not only learn much more about Cloud, they can educate themselves to sell and install products cloud, obtaining even certificates that credited as specialists in the field. We also have a calendar of events is updated month to month, where our customers easily learn about a variety of interesting topics Cloud ( There are some niches that require special attention and are attentive to them. Part of our regional staff is responsible for ensuring perform these agreements to integrate our ecosystem. In addition, Intcomex is the platform with better local infrastructure and we have inventory, support, credit, storage, payment, marketing support, training and everything our customers need in their country to grow your business.

9. To close we would like to customize in the target markets of our publication What are their expectations in Central America and the Caribbean for 2016?

JB: We want to be recognized as the Solution Provider Cloud preferred channels and companies in Central America and the Caribbean, we have the infrastructure, the portfolio, the more willing to guarantee them a way to secure cloud resources without risks, with profits and interesting incentives, all this with the support of Intcomex. We work with renowned manufacturers with products that generate value to the businesses of our channels and are desired by the market. It is how we guarantee sustained growth for all.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program allows Intcomex to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support Microsoft cloud offerings.

Miami, Florida, USA— Intcomex, the leading platform in value-added solutions, services and technology products with the largest distribution in Latin America and the Caribbean, today announced its participation in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program. The program is designed to strengthen customer relationships and expand cloud sales opportunities by enabling partners to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support products and services.

Starting today, Intcomex owns the complete customer lifecycle, allowing it to easily sell Office 365 and Windows Intune subscriptions, in addition to helping customers take advantage of cloud services by taking care of the entire billing process and directly managing support.

“We are seeing a big interest in cloud technologies such as Office 365, EMS, Azure and Windows Intune,” said Joseph Bouhadana, corporate Vice President. “Joining the Cloud Solution Provider program, Intcomex is better positioned not only to strengthen its portfolio of solutions and services, but also to consolidate its leadership in the region. Furthermore, it allows our company to build stronger relationships with our customers and provide them with the best cloud solutions to increase their business. We believe that Cloud solutions will play a big role in Latin America.”

“To meet the growing demand of our cloud-based solutions, we’re thrilled to expand the capabilities for cloud partners under the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program,” said Phil Sorgen, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “By joining the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program, Cloud Distributors will grow their Cloud ready channel, deepen customer relationships and expand business opportunities in the cloud.”

About Intcomex

Headquartered in Miami, FL., Intcomex is the largest value-added technology distribution company, serving the Latin American and the Caribbean. It strives to position itself as best in class in the industry, in order to become the first-choice distributor of leading technology products in the entire region. The company capitalizes on the strong relationship with its business partners who, in turn, benefit from having the widest coverage platform that spans over 41 countries and more than 50,000 customers along with a diversified portfolio of services in the markets it currently serves. Intcomex prides itself in having excellent technical support areas, efficient shipping and delivery, as well as effective processes for manufacturer return. The driving force behind Intcomex’s overall success lies in its commitment to meeting the needs of all its customers and a team of highly qualified professionals.



Although it seems hard to believe, the answer is a great YES. Today Microsoft has developed a new way to sell their products known as the Cloud Solution Provider Program, or CSP Program, which has become the best alternative to entering the business Cloud. It is the way in which Microsoft through a CSP Tier 2 provider such as Intcomex, allows you to sell their solutions on the cloud for  Office 365, Azure, EMS and CRM Online.  Your customers are asking for it, there is high demand- and now you can sell it to them without having to be an expert in these products.  Intcomex guarantees your final customer service.

What are the advantages of the CSP model?

This sales model brings advantages for both your client and yourself

Benefits for your client:

  • Customer pays for what he/she uses
  • Customers can make monthly payments for their products
  • Customers can use the Microsoft IT infrastructure as a service
  • You can increase or reduce the solution’s reach according to what your business requires
  • Automatic installation service
  • Mobility for its users

Advantages for you as a channel:

  • Increased sales to improve business closures
  • Monthly Income
  • Lower risk
  • Easier sales of other products and services portfolio
  • Ability to develop managed services around Microsoft products
  • Increased Revenue

We not only want you to be a CSP Partner at Intcomex Cloud, we want you to have the key to develop business and get the greatest benefits, so we’ve developed some tips that will help ensure results:

TIP 1: Monthly Payments! The big difference

You have seen how the economy has had results that have affected everyone and your customers are no exception.

Safe to say, when you visit your customers and tell them that you have their favorite Microsoft solutions with payment arrangements that do not require financing or a large initial investment, it’s going to be a game changer.  This allows your customer to pay only for what they use, growing and reducing users at any time and paying monthly service fees- insuring you’ve got your client’s full attention.  Make the most out of this key advantage given to our CSP Partners! Sell monthly Star Microsoft Portfolios. So many of new businesses to close without having to fight the final price!

 TIP 2: Be the chosen one! Coming in first, helps ensure you’re the chosen one!!

Did you know that an end customer can only have one CSP Partner?

In other sales of Microsoft one provider can only attend products it was possible that several Partners serve the same client, now in CSP Partner format customers.  It doesn’t matter what size of sales you had before, the important thing is to position yourself in the lead now. If you are the first to become a CSP Partner your client will chose only you to do business with. It’s on you to make a different approach, provide the full portfolio of Microsoft products to your client and meet all their technology needs.  Are you up for it?

Don’t let others gain ground on you. This is the time to reach out to more customers and secure your participation, later may just be too late!

TIP 3: Major Incentives

Among the great advantages that you receive when you become a CSP Partner is that you can reach customers who perhaps were your competition until recently. CSP can provide better business conditions for your customers and your accounts with higher incentives that can apply to close your business and motivate your sales force.

Microsoft presents its quarterly list of incentives in CSP format: always get the best and strategic tools for a successful negotiation.

TIP 4: New to Microsoft? That’s OK! Intcomex has got your back

We know that many of you have seen your customers in dire need of Office 365, Azure, EMS or CRM Online, and do not have the experience or the expertise to configure, deploy and support these services on their infrastructure. By selling Microsoft solutions in CPS format, you have the advantage of having Intcomex Cloud deliver a fully operational solution to your customer with first class service for the needs they may have, and even support and escalate level 2 issues, accompanied by the Intcomex team through the process until Microsoft responds.

TIP 5: Expert Services

If you are an expert in Microsoft services, CSP format is a gold mine for you to fully exploit. It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Selling licenses is the first door you have to open in getting a client, services are a way to keep that door open, generate recurring revenue and increase your revenue goal. Tell us what opportunities you have and we will gladly help you develop them.

TIP 6: Become a CSP Partner with the best equipment

Success is a team effort. Intcomex Cloud is designed to target all tools in technology, sales, marketing and products that can be required to develop this new business in true excellence. We are fully committed on a regional level to give you all the help you need.   Every request is provided the resources to respond to the concerns and needs a CSP Partner may have.

You, as a channel, can become a CSP Partner through Intcomex Cloud. To do so, you must apply through our website and fill in the form “Become a Partner” or contact your local account manager.

To learn more about the program, you can access our FAQs section at:

We know how successful you are at selling Office 365.  So, what if we tell you that you can be even more successful, have more benefits, better margins and better incentives?

Office 365 is the “suite” productivity solutions designed for enterprise-level Microsoft users and preferred by the modern enterprise because it allows them to have their complete office in the cloud, regardless of whether there are 1 or 2 people or if they are large business organizations. That’s why sales for Office 365 has been a successful choice for many of our resellers, who up until now have done it through the Model Advisor.

We want to tell you that through our Intcomex Cloud software, you can become a CSP Partner allowing you to sell cloud solutions for Microsoft to your enterprise customers with greater advantages over the model Advisor.  When you know more you won’t want to wait more, fore sure.


1. No more annual payments. Now you can buy the same products in the cloud with easy monthly payments, which will facilitate closing businesses that were not previously possible and give you recurring revenue that provides stability to your business.

2.The CSP program offers greater incentives, which tend to increase with Microsoft policies. In year 1, the percentage of Incentives for CSP is 20%, while Advisor is 16%. The lowest incentives rates in the first year and goes down significantly for the second year and third year to 3%, as shown in FIG. 1


With Advisor you only win through incentives. In CSP, in addition to incentives that are three times higher, you have the margin of the transaction that can exceed up to 10%, which is an additional gain for the whole business.

3. You’re in control

  • You can have greater control over your relationship with your customer and your business. With this type of sale you pick your client and the time of sale, make the request for Office 365 (and any products of our portfolio) directly in our Marketplace.
  • You can integrate your services on an offer, to provide customers a complete solution that makes it more attractive and profitable for your proposal having control over prices and solutions.
  • The invoice is emitted directly to your customer. In this way you can unify the recollection of the solution. This gives you control over billing.
  • When the client has an issue or inquiry, we will look to you first for the respective attention and let you know the status of the solution provided for your client. This is controlled support.
  • The client can terminate the service partially or totally at any time, without thinking about fines or payments for early withdrawal. In CSP you have control of the length of service.
  • From Advisor mode you can sell Office 365 and Azure, instead in CSP mode you can expand your portfolio, sell not only the products most requested by your customers but also a great additional variety to create unique and differentiated offers: Office 365, Azure, EMS , Intune, Yammer, Skype for business, among many others. So you’re in control of your portfolio.

4.Diversity in payment methods. Advisor only allows one possible form of payment by credit card. At Intcomex, thanks to its financial strength, you can have different alternatives from credit and term for the type of CSP extending it to your customers.

Payment methods


CSP: Múltiples formas de pago:
-tarjeta de crédito
-transferencia bancaria
y pagos en línea

Advisor: Una forma de pago:
tarjeta de crédito

5. Intcomex unique Cloud Marketplace offers you fully automated business portal that allows you to do all the shopping for supplies and products as well as handle all your customers and your subscriptions in one place, through a control panel centralized.

6. To get to know your client, you will identify new needs that can supply solutions that will grow your account. It is the best way to generate new sales and cross-product portfolio to increase revenue per customer sales.

7. CSP you have access to support services that Intcomex Cloud offers, including excellent response times and coverage depending on the severity of the issue at hand.

8. Worried about the change and migration process? Stop worrying! Intcomex has a team of experts at regional level that will support the transfer of your customers Advisor to CSP through an efficient process for both new sales and for renewals.

9. Advisor does not have access to the resale of services offered through the distribution model.

10. As CSP Partner can sell products of other manufacturers that are part of our Marketplace to complete your service offering.


11. Since the CSP program have access to our benefits program Intcomex Cloud, which has a digital training platform, an automated marketplace and marketing packages to help you with your positioning strategy on the market.