With BLIZWORK, collaborative work is a reality

Companies of all sizes, look every day for the optimization of their processes and work constantly looking for the greatest efficiency.

In this search process, all components of the value chain must be integrated. But you can’t stop here.

It is equally important that all actors in the value network also participate in this process of improvement and optimization, in order to enhance the results of each organization.

Intcomex Cloud in partnership with Andes Development and Technology, has included BLIZWORK in the portfolio of solutions that you can offer your clients starting today. BLIZWORK is a process automation platform that involves all the elements of your clients’ Chain and Value Network, thus allowing both the internal actors of the company and the clients and suppliers of the company to be integrated, so that, collaborating in the processes, a more effective, fast and simple work is developed, which allows everybody to work creating value together.

BLIZWORK facilitates The digital transformation of:




Teamwork and collaboration:

Internal (Value Chain)

External (Value Network)

In BLIZWORK you find


Process Design: It allows you to design, in a collaborative work framework, client-oriented workflows.


Form Design: Intuitive and easy form design.


Tracking: Log with every interaction and transaction.


Messaging: Share messages and files in real time, in context.


Analytics: Business process management through powerful analytics.


Integration: Powerful tool to exchange data in a secure and trusted manner with ERP, WMS, legacy systems and other web platforms.

BLIZWORK functions as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), allowing you to create an ecosystem involving both internal and external users, right from the start. For its characteristics as a PaaS, BLIZWORK:

It’s easy to deploy

No coding knowledge is required for the implementation.

You can deploy it as soon as you open your account, and you may start using your processes.

It’s easy to handle

Intuitive and simple operation.

It’s scalable

You can tailor the use of the platform according to your needs.

It’s constantly updated

Clients can focus on their business.

Andes D&T, the developer, focuses on having stable, continuous and secure availability.

No additional infrastructure required

The platform works in the cloud, so clients don’t need:





Access from any device

Internal and external users can access BLIZWORK and participate in value creation from:


Mobiles: tablets and cell phones.

Pay per subscription

Annual plans

Monthly plans

I want to learn more
about the plans

Offering BLIZWORK to your clients is also an excellent opportunity for you, because:

You can easily provision it via ICP by selecting one of the available plans. Your client starts enjoying it right away.

You can generate Cross-selling with other Cloud solutions.

You are part of your clients’ Ecosystem, generating new business opportunities by identifying additional processes that can be integrated into the platform.

You generate revenue from consulting and implementation.

You generate a permanent monthly income thanks to the subscription model

You strengthen the relationship with your client.

Leverage the growth of BLIZWORK’s network: each new client brings with them their clients and suppliers, with new business opportunities for you.

Who are the clients you can offer BLIZWORK to?

Clients who have already started their process management and even have certifications and want to start their digital transformation.

Clients who are not certified and are looking for a methodology like BLIZWORK that provides them with a process and implementation methodology.

Clients who have ERP software implemented and want to complement it with BLIZWORK.

Clients who do not have ERP software and find in BLIZWORK the best option to manage their company.

Small, medium and large companies interested in automating processes and making the most of collaborative work.

Start now to identify your clients who can take advantage of this opportunity, automating processes, scaling value delivery and digitally transforming the operation. With Intcomex Cloud, you know you have the full support of Professional Services to make your deployments successful. With your clients, INTCOMEX CLOUD and BLIZWORK, let’s start creating value together!

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