Are you familiar with the cloud?

The term “cloud“ may sound ethereal, intangible, thus hard to wrap the head around. But what is the cloud? How does it affect our use of Information Technologies? And what’s more important, what role will it play in the future of your business practice?

We explain it all here:

Becoming an Intcomex Cloud Reseller

allows you to sell our cloud solutions to your business clients. You will have access to our benefits, which includes a digital training platform, an automated marketplace and marketing resources to help you with your Market Positioning strategy.

To succeed in this business,

Intcomex presents you its value offering:

  • ICP – Intcomex Cloud Platform.
  • Instant provisioning for cloud products.
  • White Label Portal.
  • Management of all cloud subscriptions.
  • Monthly or annual billing.
  • Reports.
  • Offers creation
  • Digital platform for commercial and technical training.
  • Local and virtual events.
  • Incentives.
  • Reseller’s Portal with white label material for sales and marketing.
  • Charge for services and increase your profits.
  • Professional migration services.
  • “Tenant” automatic migration.
  • Specialized services.
  • Presales engineers and certified technicians.
  • Consultancy.
  • Enabling channels.
  • Bilingual support.
  • Multichannel support: Contact us by email, messaging, phone or website.
  • Multinational support.
  • Ticketing system with self-service support.

Marketplace de ágil y fácil
integración y aprovisionamiento


Entrenamiento y recursos
“Marketing in a Box”


Servicios profesionales con ingenieros
especialistas certificados


Amplía tu portafolio e integra
nuevas alternativas para crecer


Plataforma automatizada
para soporte bilingue


Gerente de cuentas dedicado
para la habilitación de socios

Why Intcomex?

  • Local presence: Local presence: With offices in 15 LATAM countries we offer you: Local billing, dedicated account executive, and assistance for your digital transformation.


  • Local Billing.


  • Professional services: It has Intcomex technical and specialized resources: Engineers certified in Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Skype for Business.


  • Lower costs, higher profitability: Intcomex offers you a self-provisioning platform, digital marketing and automated platform for support … And it´s absolutely free!


  • Financial support: Thanks to the financial muscle of Intcomex you can safely do businesses of high volume and have payment facilities.
  • Consumer monitoring reports for Azure programming alerts with consumption thresholds. New!


  • Train with professionals: Prepare your technical and sales team with on-site and online live and on-demand training.


  • Maximize your profits incorporating your offer in the Intcomex Marketplace and resell our support, services and portfolio.


  • Access the digital culture: We help in creating differentiating deals with digital marketing best practices.


  • Cloud specialized portfolio: Broaden your offer by reselling the diversity of cloud solutions and managed services that are included in our ICP marketplace.


And have access to a global infrastructure, and better products and services for your clients

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