“From the beginning, we knew that Intcomex Cloud would be the right partner.”

Beam IT was founded when its partner company, Omni Printer, decided to create a division focused on selling computer and mobility equipment. Currently, Beam IT also provides Microsoft cloud solutions to some of the most important companies in Mexico.

In 2021, the company incursions in the cloud business as Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and from the beginning, it was clear to them that Intcomex Cloud would be the ideal partner.

“When we brought to the table the decision of which partner to ally with, we knew it had to be with Intcomex Cloud, mainly because of their response times and also the relationship we have developed with the members of their team. No matter what question or concern we have, however big or small it is, they are always there to help us; something that you won’t find with other wholesalers who limit themselves to sending you a manual when you ask them a question […].

We are very happy to work with Intcomex Cloud. We have no complaints; on the contrary, they have helped us a lot to understand the CSP model better. Additionally, when it comes to costs, they are highly competitive.

The relationship with Intcomex Cloud adds great value to our offer, especially when it comes to after-sales service. In addition to the peace of mind we get from knowing that we have them on our side as an outstretched arm of our company, we have the assurance that, if a problem were to arise, they would be by our side supporting us; this bolsters us enormously […].

Our alliance with Intcomex Cloud is growing day by day; we are pleased with the way the relationship is developing […].”


Jonathan Arellano
Microsoft Executive at Beam IT