Rocket your clients to the cloud
with the MAP program

Migration Acceleration program

This program, powered by Intcomex Cloud as an Amazon Web Services partner, was designed to automate and accelerate AWS cloud migration and modernization cases, allowing your clients to focus on innovation and driving their business forward, rather than managing and maintaining existing infrastructure.

Through a robust set of tools, resources, and incentives including methodologies, training sessions, and proven incentives, the MAP program assists clients in reducing the risks and costs associated with cloud migration and building a strong operational foundation.


Comprehensive set of tools, resources, and incentives

Access to a mature set of tools and resources necessary for successful cloud migration and ensuring success while operating in the cloud.

Scalability and performance

AWS’s wide range of scalable services enables infrastructure to grow with the business. Storage, computing power, and other resources can be increased as needed to meet changing demand.

Foundations for rapid innovation

Migrating to AWS is the first step in modernizing the customer’s technical platform and creating a foundation for rapid innovation.

Migration approach

STEP 1: Assess readiness

In this stage, we help identify gaps in the six dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework: business, processes, personnel, platform, operations, and security. This assessment allows recognition of the capabilities required in migration and creates an assessment/business case analysis for the migration project.

Tools and resources:

Migration evaluator:

Create a data-driven business case for AWS migration.

Migration Tools Guide:

AWS prescriptive guidance on the migration tools available to accelerate migration.

Financing (Incentives)

Business case development and insights provided by Intcomex Cloud can be financed by AWS.

Financing will only be available if ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) exceeds $250,000.

STEP 2 Migrate and modernize workloads

Your customer will be able to design, migrate, and validate each workload, leveraging cloud-based services to modernize infrastructure.

Tools and resources

AWS Migration Hub: Tracks migration progress across various partner solutions and AWS.

AWS Database Migration Service: Helps migrate database to AWS quickly and securely.

AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN): Quickly realize the benefits of migrating applications to the cloud with no changes and minimal downtime.

Financing (Incentives)

AWS can provide incremental financing up to 75% of annualized consumption for migrations aligned with specialized workloads (e.g., Windows, SAP, database).

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