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In Intcomex Cloud Platform – ICP, you will find the Assessment servicesa that we have designed so that you do not miss any opportunity.

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Get to know our Assessment Services:

Designed for companies that want to implement their cloud adoption policies on Azure or AWS.

Based on the understanding of management and governance, definition of the landing zone, tasks, and processes necessary to maintain business applications.

Our deliverables:

  • High-level diagram with solution design
  • Monthly consumption costs in Azure or AWS
  • Comprehensive high-level business plan
  • Recommendations and best practices

Designed to determine the migration scenario to Microsoft Azure Services or Amazon AWS.

We analyze the infrastructure in customer application technology. We identify the feasibility of migration to:
Virtual machines – IaaS
App Service Environment – PaaS
Azure Kubernetes Services or Elastic AWS Kubernetes – Containerized apps and microservices.

Our deliverables:

  • High-level diagram with solution design
  • Monthly consumption costs in Azure or AWS
  • Comprehensive high-level business plan
  • Recommendations and best practices

Support in building custom BI & Data Analytics solutions on Azure or AWS.

We advise potential clients intending to establish the Microsoft or AWS products that best respond to their needs in terms of BI projects and accompaniment and appropriate architecture services.
Based on the knowledge of the current technological infrastructure.

Our deliverables:

  • Analytics solution needed by the organization (Bi Descriptive Analysis, Predictive Analysis (Data Science), Artificial Intelligence
  • Possible scenarios to solve Analytics requirements (BI in the Cloud, BI Self Service, BI on-Premises
  • Criteria used in Microsoft and AWS solutions (Self-Service with Power BI Pro, Self-Service with PowerBI Premium, Azure and AWS Datalake, Building Datawarehouse, Managed Service)

Delineation of current maturity and identification of areas for improvement regarding the implementation of the DevOps culture, based on Azure or AWS.

We offer you a complete assessment of DevOps practices, so you know how close you are to a successful application of:

  • Plan
  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Release
  • Deploy
  • Operate
  • Monitoring

Our deliverables:

  • Client-specific. diagnosis based on evidenced findings.
  • Radar chart. Specific measurement in a radar graph of the maturity level of software development processes, based on the diagnosis evidenced in the previous point.
  • Recommendations. List of recommendations at a general level and at a very high level, on the actions that the Client should take to obtain a better performance on its processes.

Advice on the implementation of the disaster recovery plan, for the multi-cloud environment, in the global network of Azure and AWS datacenters

We offer analytics for validating the continuous uptime of your critical applications and data without the cost and complexity of creating and maintaining a disaster recovery on-premises.

  • Virtual machine database replication
  • Fast and secure disaster recovery solutions, integrated into the cloud

Our deliverables:

  • Solution Offering Report
  • Identifying possible Improvements
  • Key points regarding client’s current situation
  • General plan for migrating services and next steps

Development of migration plan from on-premises virtual databases and SQL Server to a combination of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure or AWS.

We provide assessments that reveal feature parity and compatibility issues between the customer’s SQL Server databases and managed database offerings in Azure or AWS.
We outline a solution for migrating your on-premises services, including virtual machines and databases, to Azure or AWS, with minimal or no downtime. We guide how to enable some of the advanced SQL features available in Azure or AWS to improve security and performance in customer applications.

Our deliverables:

  • Solution Offering Report
  • Identifying possible Improvements
  • Key points regarding client’s current situation
  • General plan for migrating services and next steps

Support for the enabling of the digital transformation strategy through managed services and SAP technical consulting, both in Azure or AWS.

We present the necessary information on size, architecture, and price in a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) format.
Applies to all SAP solutions:

  • Business ONE
  • ECC (Enterprise Central Component)
  • Suite on HANA
  • S/4 Hana

This service enables you to participate in SAP projects, with a high impact on Azure or AWS consumption, despite not having SAP-on-Azure or SAP-on-AWS experience and/or certification.
Additionally, it is the entry point to offer a series of services such as migration, technical maintenance, and SAP-assisted management under an “As a Service” scheme. It includes coaching/commercial accompaniment to reinforce the end customer’s perception of the reseller.

Our deliverables:

  • General analysis of business strategy and digital maturity
  • Possible guidelines and focuses of the company’s digital transformation strategy
  • Potentialities of the SAP on Azure or AWS platform in the digital transformation strategy
  • Recommendations and guidelines for action

Defined contingency plan, with protocols for action in the face of unscheduled suspensions of the company’s computer system, both in Azure or AWS.

The Disaster Recovery plan defines the processes to be put in place to detect the interruption caused by natural or human-caused disasters.
This analysis allows you to:

  • Evaluate the company’s technological infrastructure and present to the end customer a deliverable that allows him to identify the security gaps that it shows.
  • Analyze the potential risks and threats that customers may have, helping them mitigate and control them.
  • Evaluate customer IT scenarios to identify whether all workloads can be brought to the cloud or hybrid solutions can exist.
  • Understand the customer’s needs by identifying their needs in the present or near future.

Our deliverables:

  • Detailed report of security risks and breaches – DRP

Validation of a fast, simple, and effective implementation of Windows 10 Virtual Desktops ensuring the integrity of the information.

Analyzing WVD in Azure or AWS seeks to reduce infrastructure costs and maximize the use of Office 365 licensing. Administer a questionnaire based on the Deployment Framework under good practices of WVD Environments in Azure or AWS It seeks to estimate times, costs, architectures, and services required for its configuration.

The deliverables of the evaluation are:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop deployment and cost scenarios in Azure or AWS
  • Custom WVD Environments quotes in Azure or AWS.
  • Microsoft 365 Licensing Quotes (Required for the Solution)
  • High-Level and Low-Level Solution Architecture
  • Agile, scalable and repeatable work plan.
  • Professional Services Proposal for implementation and post-implementation (hyper care support)
  • Technical Memory of the Solution

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