A Shared folder
is not a backup

Protect the Microsoft 365
suite of all your customers.

Today’s cyberattacks are more dangerous because they not only steal information but also impact the functioning of the entire organization.

With the Acronis cyber protection solution for Microsoft 365, we seek to protect the collaboration infrastructure and secure it.

What does it mean to cyber protect the productivity of a company?

Acronis Cyber Protection
for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the main communication and collaboration tool. We have working groups, agreements generated files, and agreements in a single resource. Can you imagine losing all that in an instant?

Having your primary collaboration tool protected is to secure the work of your entire team 24/7. A cyberattack against your productivity would imply losses in the form of the ransom you may have to pay and the costs of recovering the data, but also in terms of time and lost sales during the downtime.

What does it imply for an organization to lose access to its emails, calendar, and contacts?

The inbox and calendar constitute the primary personal productivity tools for everyday work, from meetings to agreements, appointments, and the information we send and receive. And we all know the potential consequences of losing all that.

Nowadays, the threats extend further than phishing emails that seek to steal our data. Emails are one of the main gateways for cyberattacks against organizations. The inbox is your first line of defense, and having the best solution to protect company emails is the best way to prevent catastrophic losses.

A shared folder is not a backup. Why cyber protect OneDrive and SharePoint?

Shared folders allow users to access and work on the same document. But this does not imply that they are backup copies. When a file is erroneously or maliciously modified, or corrupted, it will be passed on to all other devices with which it is shared.

Cyber protecting those files requires having the best defense platform possible to prevent attacks and effortlessly recover the data if a vulnerability were to occur.

This is how the Williams Racing team uses Acronis
technology to protect their entire Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

These are the key benefits of protecting Microsoft 365 with Acronis

A single solution for the cyber protection of your entire platform

Recover from your backup precisely what you need

An easy-to-use and managed platform

A cloud solution with no upfront costs that you can implement easily, quickly, and effortlessly

Automatic and on-demand scans of the entire Microsoft suite or individual files

Maximum security using multiple global antivirus engines and databases

Maximum level of depth protection for each email that enters, both at a general level and from hidden URLs

Integrated with Acronis Cyber Protect for an ultimate cyber protection solution

Backup and protection outside of Microsoft servers to guarantee greater security

Automatic protection for new users, groups, and files

Analysis of specific files and URLs

The best protection with the highest response speed to prevent attacks

All Williams F1 Racing Team Technology,
all Acronis Cyber Protection

Every cloud solution needs
Acronis Cyber Protection.

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