Backup by itself is not disaster recovery


Price from USD 1,88 for each day

for each day the VM operates in the Acronis data center

By adding Advanced Disaster Recovery to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – the only service provider solution that unites cybersecurity, protection and data management to protect endpoints, systems and data – you offer your customers disaster recovery so fast that They will be able to get back to work in a matter of minutes, ensuring immediate data availability.

Why choose Acronis services backup and advanced disaster recovery?

Reduce downtime

Get your clients up and running in minutes by launching Acronis cloud IT systems with full site-to-site connectivity and ability to recover them to similar or different hardware.

Minimize complexity

There is no need to add, learn or manage another platform. It is a solution for data, systems, and applications managed from a single interface that allows you to create a complete cyber protection service.

Increase recurring revenue

Deliver more value, deepen customer relationships, and increase retention by offering customers the disaster recovery services they seek, while increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

Deliver disaster recovery dservices with ease

Disaster recovery for physical and virtual workloads

Disaster recovery orchestration

Failover in production

Disaster recovery for DHCP servers

Site-to-site VPN connection

Almost instantaneous RPO and RTO

Execution monitoring

Recovery to a specific point in time

IPsec multisite VPN support

Custom DNS settings

Failover to a malware-free recovery point

Don’t think twice and offer Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud services through Intcomex Cloud!

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