AWS ACE Program
Register your business leads

The APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program provides support for partners to develop business. Within the ACE Program, eligible partners can receive opportunities and leads generated by AWS, as well as access to technical and sales support to increase alignment, collaboration, and support.

Why is it important to register your leads?
AWS sales teams count on partners -like you- as an extension to help accelerate customer migrations & adoption of AWS services

AWS visibility into the projects you work on

Ability to apply to specific programs and get the necessary support from AWS

Trust within the AWS Sales Team

How to write a clear project submission?


  • What is the business challenge you are trying to solve?
  • What are the AWS services you plan to use?
  • What activities have been carried out with the end customer?
  • What would be the next steps with the client?
Then, fill out the “Partner Primary Need” section.

Architectural Validation: Confirmation by AWS that the solution architecture proposed by the APN Partner is aligned with AWS best practices and presents minimal architectural risks.

Total Cost of Ownership Evaluation: Assistance in quoting the cost savings in running the proposed solution on AWS versus running in an on-premises or traditional hosting environment.

Competitive Information: Access to AWS competitive support and resources for the solution proposed by the APN Partner

For Visibility – No Assistance Needed: No assistance is required and is sent for tracking purposes only.

Pricing Assistance: Connecting with the AWS Seller for support situations where an APN Partner may be receiving an upfront discount for a service (e.g., EDP offers).

Technical Consultation: Connecting with an AWS Solution Architect to answer APN Partner questions about proposed solutions.

Business Presentation: ApN Partner’s formal introduction to AWS Sellers.

Other required attendance, not yet described.

Other types of opportunities

EDPs / RIs / Spot / Saving Plans

  • Effective period
  • Payment option: full payment in advance, partial payment in advance or without advance payment.
  • AWS Consumption and Service Details

Well-Architected Framework (WAF) evaluation

  • Client’s account assessment following the WAF (Well-Architected Framework) method
  • Include the AWS Customer Account ID
  • Indicate if you are part of the WAAP – Well- Architected Partner Program

Well-Architected Framework
(WAF) High-risk resolution

  • Will the architectural overhaul result in additional consumption? Please explain.
  • Include the AWS Customer Account ID
  • Indicate if you are part of the WAAP – Well- Architected Partner Program

Cost Optimization

  • Will it be a cost optimization consultancy with or without the addition of new services? Please explain.

Ordering Assessment Tools

  • On-premise evaluation consultancy.
Tips for successfully registering your opportunities
  • Pay attention to the country’s zip code forma (e.g., Colombia: 999999; Mexico: 99999) to accelerate the validation of opportunities
  • Pay attention to the value format with (e.g., U$1,000.00)
  • Value must include only AWS dollar (US$) services
  • Special attention to the client’s website:
    – Format (e.g. /
    – Customer site in the country (e.g., /
    – The same domain with a similar description in different countries is considered duplicate
    – Don’t include LinkedIn or Facebook pages
  • For POC / POA, requests, submit the calculator link (AWS Pricing Calculator)
  • For Enterprise workload migration scenarios, select Use Case “Migration”
  • For co-marketing activities, select the defined “Campaign Name”
  • For license evaluation as OLA, put #OLA in the project description
Reasons for disqualification

“Incomplete”: There is little information to determine if the opportunity meets the validation criteria, and the partner did not provide additional information within five business days.

Duplicate / Forecast Conflict: There is already an opportunity on AWS with the same project for the client.

1) Billing only (existing customer).
2) There is no increase in consumption (neither WAR, OLA, nor POC)
3) Retroactive opportunity, the customer is already consuming AWS
4) Internal consumption of the partner

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