Despite the widespread adoption of the cloud, organizations have a long way to realize its full potential. We share some of the most common ideas about the supposed limitations of the cloud and invite you to discover together the reality of the advantages that you can’t fail to deliver to your customers.

Most organizations are aware of the benefits of the cloud, and for this reason, about 90% of organizations worldwide have cloud services in their data management and information security configuration.

However, since its inception, the cloud has been perceived by a large percentage of these companies just as an unrivaled solution for information storage. Although this is an undeniable advantage offered by the cloud, this perception is quite limited and does not reflect the true potential that companies can take advantage of using this type of service.

Let’s review. When a company decides to use cloud-based technology, the services and solutions have the advantage of being permanently updated. Gone are the routine maintenance visits required by those who do not use Cloud solutions. Cloud service providers can make it a very simple, fully automatic, and virtual process for organizations to enjoy the latest updates, with complete functionality, without having a dedicated staff for this task or incurring costs associated with such updates. This is one of the critical factors that increase the savings obtained from Cloud services and solutions in the long term.

Likewise, the administration of these Cloud services and solutions is performed remotely. This allows the response to unscheduled needs to be much faster and almost immediate. But it doesn’t stop there. Some of the physical services offered within organizations can also be controlled remotely. We are talking, for example, about access controls to facilities and devices based on Multi-factor Authentication controlled from mobile devices. This is when cloud services go beyond the virtual aspect, which is often seen as a limitation, and begin to change the way physical systems work in organizations.

One of the indisputable advantages that the cloud offers its users is scalability. Adapting solutions to each business’s growing or decreasing needs is an advantage that the cloud has over locally hosted solutions and infrastructures. The flexibility that companies that manage cloud services and solutions have allows them to make decisions with greater freedom, always having the confidence that no matter what the future holds, their cloud infrastructure will adapt to meet their needs.

If you are concerned about the belief that the cloud does not need to be managed and, therefore, you have the perception that your information will be more exposed because no one is dedicated to taking care of it, we have good news for you. Most cloud providers take care of the administration and maintenance of the servers, which is why, although users may miss the need to do it themselves, their information is safe and secure. Now, cloud management will always be a shared responsibility between providers and users, as users will always oversee access controls and the proper use of information, solutions, services, and infrastructure.

Finally, let’s talk about security. Cloud cybersecurity deals with the protection of digitally accessed data. Many users fear that, for this reason, cybersecurity is limited to this type of data. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the convergence of cybersecurity with the physical security offered in the organization. This convergence occurs, for example, when the access control of a building is based on a Cloud solution. At that point, when cloud solutions cross the virtual barrier, convergence is guaranteed. Convergence guarantees the organization’s agility to quickly identify threats, have connected systems to react no matter where the attack is, and mitigate risks easily and efficiently.

Don’t just stick to the primary uses of the cloud. Instead, free yourself from ideas about the limitations of the cloud and get the savings that cloud solutions offer you, reduce the workloads of each organization and enjoy offering the best and most complete security for your customers. Start now!