Most businesses see themselves in the cloud in the next five years: is it necessary to put aside their on-premises infrastructures?

The use of the cloud in today’s business environments is one of the most announced realities in the technological world. Due to its versatility, availability, agility, and cost characteristics, among many other aspects, the cloud has for years been considered the “must be” of IT services for organizations.

Undoubtedly, the 2020 pandemic gave an incredible boost to the transformation of the business model of many industries and implicitly catapulted the cloud as the foundation for achieving the flexibility with reliability that businesses needed for their new models. Moreover, this global emergency highlighted the need and the preference of many users for the benefits of the cloud.

Still, many organizations are finding that although they plan to be in the cloud in the next five (5) years, a 100% transition of their infrastructure may not be the right answer.

For example, Hornetsecurity’s recent survey of hybrid cloud adoption (1) indicates that although 93% of organizations said they intend to adopt the cloud over the next five years, 2 out of 3 organizations indicated that far from seeing the hybrid environment as a “Frankenstein” resulting from the pandemic, they are considering it as the destination of their IT infrastructure.

To reach this conclusion, a myriad of factors are mixed, such as:

  • The difficulty in determining the best time to move and whether it is better to make migration in phases or a single move.
  • Industry regulations that limit the handling of certain types of information in public infrastructure
  • Existing software in the company -legacy apps- vital for the operation and well-being of the company, not designed for the cloud environment.
  • Concerns related to information security, privacy, and access controls

These drawbacks are sometimes real, but in the vast majority, they are limitations that are properly handled by experts or related to perceptions generated without data.

Managed service providers have a great opportunity to handle these types of objections in businesses across industries and give them the ability to move to the cloud, as it is best suited for their businesses.

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