Multi-cloud, an end-customer winning proposition

  • As cloud technologies evolve and the adoption of multi-cloud infrastructures allows end-customers to pick and choose the solutions that better meet their requirements, it becomes more evident that having access to premium-level services they can extend to their clients is paramount for resellers to build a successful cloud practice.  

Since the internet became available to the public a quarter of a century ago, the world has been going through an unprecedented process of constant, fast-pacing changes to the point that it is easy to forget how things were before we were all connected by the web. Today, thanks to this global information network, we are able to achieve things that were regarded as science fiction not that long ago. 

The things and everyday practices the internet has fundamentally changed or simply condemned to extinction are too many to list. Still, one of the most notable examples is Information Technologies.  The volume of data we generate nowadays is so massive, and the speed at which it is transmitted is so fast that the good-old physical server and on-premise infrastructures are now on the way of the dodo. Only the computing power, security, storage, and data-management capabilities cloud computing can provide are up to the task. 

Now, as it became clear that the cloud was the place to be in terms of modern computing, an aggressive race towards cloud technology domination started; and like in an arms race, where each of the competing forces focuses their resources and might to develop the next greatest system to one-up the capabilities of their adversaries, in the race for cloud domination, the competitors keep coming with new creative tools and solutions that give them the edge. 

More than a race, the competition between the IT giants has morphed into an evolutionary process; for each ground-breaking innovation a party makes, the other will develop an even edgier one, or at least one that is just as great. 

You win

It’s hard to predict what brand will rise as the commanding force in the cloud universe and for how long. However, what is clear is that in the evolution of Information technologies, the absolute winners are all of us, the end-users. 

Put in real estate or stock exchange terms, cloud computing is “a buyer’s market” now, meaning that in this evolutionary race, it is the end customer who has the upper hands, and Multi-cloud is a clear example of this. In the current environment, with so many options to choose from, many of them of extraordinary quality, the organizations are no longer limited to one vendor.  

Today, any business or institution can benefit from choosing services across several cloud environments. A multi-cloud architecture allows for utilizing two or more public clouds and private clouds, eliminating the dependence on any single provider. Multi-cloud does not require unified or coordinated operations between cloud environments providing visibility and operation smoothness across domains –an ideal scenario for obtaining the most value out of an IT strategy.   

Additionally, to the power of tailoring the services they buy to fit their requirements like gloves, a multi-cloud strategy puts an organization in a much more solid position to face service outages. No matter how bad things go, compute resources and data storage will always be available in a multi-cloud environment, reducing downtimes and avoiding disastrous scenarios. As a result, governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance standings will improve. 

This end-customer favoring context aligns perfectly with what we, at Intcomex Cloud, set as our ultimate goal: to provide the best cloud solutions available to satisfy every end-customer’s specific needs. 

With great joy, in 2021, we announced the incorporation of Amazon Web Services and Cisco into our portfolio. By adding these two world-class vendors to our already broad range of cloud solutions from leading brands, such as Microsoft Azure, Acronis, AvePoint, Dropsuite, and many more, we achieved our objective of providing our resellers (and the end-customer through them) with an actual multi-cloud offering comprised by the best services and solutions available. 

Nevertheless, bringing the best cloud solutions to the Latin American and Caribbean markets is only the head of the spear. For us, ensuring the success of our distributing partners is just as crucial as providing top-notch solutions, so behind the portfolio comes a staunch commitment to offering resellers all the resources and tools they need to leverage the managed services business model into a sustainable, profitable, successful cloud practice. 

At Intcomex Cloud, the measure of our success is determined by the success of our partners, so accompanying them in their transition to an ‘as-a-service’ model and helping them build their core competencies is at the top of our priority list.  

Through us, our partners and their customers gain access to the resources offered by vendors such as Microsoft over the Azure Migration Desk, or AWS Migration Hub. Although different in approach, both offer customers comprehensive guidance on creating and implementing strategies to achieve success in the cloud.  

Furthermore, we have put together our own state-of-the-art commercial and technical teams throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, so our partners’ needs in areas such as training, commercial strategy, pre and post-sales, marketing, finances, and support are fully satisfied, fast. Additionally, the Intcomex Cloud Platform grants resellers access to our entire portfolio of world-class cloud solutions and provides them with the freedom to self-manage their business, from quotation to billing, licenses, number of seats, and every detail in between. 

We are convinced that a multi-cloud strategy is the most effective way for end-customers to leverage best-in-breed cloud solutions, increase resilience, and meet regulatory requirements when -and only when- it goes hand in hand with premium-level support.